Chris Bulger Traffic Soars: Thanks Mel

The buzz on the Internet and on talk shows this week has been the Mel Gibson tapes. Nearly 30 minutes of telephone recording between Mel Gibson and his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva have been released daily through The entertainment, fashion, politics, and human interest site has exclusive rights to these tapes, and just released their 5th tape. Not surprisingly, is being mobbed by curious visitors wanting to hear the

Betty White’s Popularity Reaches Hulu

Betty White’s performance on Saturday Night Live was an instant classic. Each skit was well written, past cast members came back to join in on the fun, and Ms. White’s comedic side shined through.  The show was also a tremendous success for SNL and NBC as it scored 12.1 million viewers and a 4.6 rating.  Those are great numbers for a show with a non-prime-time slot. Not bad for a

Online March Madness

March is a big month for sports, with the drama of the NCAA Tournament plus MLB excitement as a new baseball season kicks off. In March, three of the Compete 250 sites with the greatest month-over-month (m-o-m) changes were, not surprisingly, sports related. and grew 982% and 121%, respectively, m-o-m in March. Also,’s March Madness on Demand, which streams live video of every game from the NCAA

February Fast Movers

February data is live on and we’ve ranked the fastest moving websites and fastest moving industry categories by month-over-month change in Unique Visitors. Fastest moving websites: Similar to January’s fastest moving websites and with the fast approaching April 15th deadline, tax sites continue to rein supreme in the top 10., and had impressive growth in February as people gear up to file their taxes.  The other

Who Else Wants Free Pancakes?

A few weeks ago, the team made an impromptu lunch trip to the local IHOP.  I’m normally not the type to eat breakfast food at lunch, but since IHOP was giving away free pancakes, I caved.  On February 23rd, IHOP’s National Pancake Day, the restaurant gives out a free short stack of pancakes to each customer, and in return, it asks each pancake eater to consider making a charitable

People Love Free Pants!

During last week’s Super Bowl, one of the Dockers commercials featured a parade of pantless men marching through a field while cheering "I wear no pants!"Â  At the end of the commercial there was a call to action for men to "wear the pants" and to visit the site for a chance to receive a free pair of pants.  Not surprisingly, there was an immediate online response to this commercial.

Doppelganger Week Turns To Urban Dictionary

Last week was an interesting one for trends on Facebook.  The week started off with celebrity doppelganger, where everyone changed their profile picture to their supposed celebrity look alike.  As the week wrapped up, another trend started where the Facebook masses used to search for their first name.  They then pasted whatever definition was returned and used that as their status message.  So, what impact did this Facebook phenomenon

The "Easy to Read" Secret of Students

When I look back on my education, I can fondly remember the hours spent reading through the classic novels for English classes.  However, I would be lying if I said my classmates and I didn’t turn to Cliffs Notes for more interpretation as we read.  We were always curious about the analysis of things like Piggy’s glasses in "Lord of the Flies", and the depth of the available information for

Fantasy Sports Potpourri… Part 1

Did you draft Adrian Peterson with the first pick or did you go with Michael Turner instead? That’s right – It’s the time of year to put together the cheat sheets, work through a couple of mock drafts and find the right players to play for you on Sunday and Monday nights. Fantasy football is back and its popularity continues to grow online. For my analysis, I used category data

That New Car Smell"¦Smells Like $4,500

There is buzz in the news about U.S. auto sales numbers having remarkable growth in July.  The “cash for clunkers” government program CARS (Car Allowance Rebate System) most certainly had something to do with that.   The main focus of the government program is to get older vehicles that typically get less than 18 mpg (miles per gallon) off the street, and replace those vehicles with more fuel efficient alternatives by

Oprah, Twitter and Chicken"¦This is no Crossing of the Road Joke

Thinking back to my childhood, a week just wasn’t complete in the Bulger house if my grandmother didn’t get her fill of Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was a tradition that she looked forward to all week, yet never once did I see an angry mob of people knocking down a KFC’s door demanding free chicken. However, this past month, when Colonel Sanders and Oprah Winfrey cooked up a little free