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Where to Reach the Student Demographic Online

Image from: zmkstudio/Shutterstock I still consider myself to be young and hip, so I can’t believe I’m about to do a “back in my day…” post.  So here I go… Back in my day, when I had to use a dictionary, I visited the public library where it (the big book) was proudly displayed atop a pedestal in all its glory.  Nowadays, students of the Millennial Generation turn to the

A Daily Deal… Just For You!

Does have a deal for you?  Since its launch in July 2009, LivingSocial, a daily deal site, has grown to over 34 million members in the U.S. With so many people actively looking for values in their local area; I wondered which have been some of the most popular deals over the past year.  To figure this out I used the daily metrics available on and looked for

Introducing Compete Site Analytics

We released some exciting new features on yesterday.  Not only did we roll out new capabilities for our Compete PRO members, we also improved the experience of the freely available version of Compete data.   The goal is to provide you with an interface that clearly highlights those insights and makes them easy to view and comprehend. The image shown above is an example of a Site Analytics report for

The New Compete PRO

Today marks the launch of the new and Compete PRO experience.  Our goal was to develop a simplified and more focused product that would better help you perform your daily tasks.  That’s why we made these enhancements after talking to you, our users, and truly understanding how and why you use Compete PRO. There’s nothing that we care more about than enabling you to be successful in your business/role.

What’s that # Sign Doing On My TV?

I wouldn’t label myself as a “TV Junkie”, but I do certainly watch my fair share of television.  As I watch, I have noticed a growing trend of networks using on-screen hashtags to label shows as they are airing, appearing as a faint watermark on the corner of the screen.  For those of you who don’t know what a hashtag is, it’s a # symbol followed by a word grouping

Giving for the Good of the Internet

‘Tis the season for giving, and is asking its users to give for goodness sake. Wikipedia prides itself on being a completely free product that provides all Internet users with a tool that is free of membership and ads. However, a site that has averaged 77 million Unique Visitors each month for the past year still needs to pay its staff and technology costs. Each year around this time,

What Will You Do Howard Stern?

It seems like just yesterday that Howard Stern left FCC sanctioned Terrestrial radio for the freedom of Satellite radio.  Now, as his five-year Sirius XM deal comes to a close, he opens every show by counting down the number of shows remaining.  This leaves many of his fans, including myself, asking:  “What will Howard do next?” Many have speculated what direction Howard Stern might take after his Sirius XM contract

Fantasy Fans Flock to Fantasy Football

Hi, my name is Chris Bulger and I’m a fantasy football addict. Here is my typical fantasy football week: • On Tuesday and Wednesday, I visit fantasy football sites to research players on waivers and find the best players to help my team win. • On Thursday morning I check out my rosters to see which players I was able to claim off of waivers. • On Sunday morning I

Online Football Power Rankings (10/9 – 10/10)

The weekend is almost here and everyone is ready for some football, but first, let’s take a look back at the Online Football Power Rankings from last week.  Each week we look at Saturday’s Daily Reach for sites in the College Sports Team Sites category and Sunday’s Daily Reach for sites in the NFL Team Sites category.  Daily Reach is defined by how many people visit a specific site as

Online Football Power Rankings (9/18 – 9/19)

Introducing our new weekly blog, the “Online Football Power Rankings” blog.  Each week we will look at Saturday’s Daily Reach for sites in the College Sports Team Sites category and Sunday’s Daily Reach for sites in the NFL Team Sites category.  Daily Reach is defined by how many people visit a specific site as a percentage of all daily U.S. Internet users. NCAA (9/18) Michigan and Denard “Shoelace” Robinson continued

The Whistle Blew Loud in July for WikiLeaks

July data is live on, and to no surprise of many, Unique Visitors to increased 168% month-over-month., a safe-haven website dedicated to whistle-blowing, made headlines in July when it released classified military documents about the war in Afghanistan. As the media drew much attention to the WikiLeaks story, people raced to to see for themselves what all the hype was about.