Ceri Kirkland

Who Will Be Shopping on Black Friday?

Black Friday marks one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Many retailers open early and offer discounts on popular holiday gifts to attract consumers. Compete conducted a survey of over 900 consumers planning on shopping this holiday season. Nearly half of those surveyed will head to the stores on Black Friday to take advantage of the deals. 57% plan on completing over half of their holiday shopping on

Halloween Costumes: What's in style this year?

It’s that time of the year where many of us load up on candy, carve pumpkins and sport costumes. With Halloween rapidly approaching, we decided it would be fun to get an idea of what people are wearing. Last week, we conducted a survey of 223 people who intend on wearing a costume either for Halloween or a Halloween related event. Nearly 60% if those we surveyed already had their

Wedding Bells Ringing on the Web

Wedding season is in full swing, and I’ve learned first hand that planning a wedding is no easy task. Theknot.com is a social networking website that allows "brides-to-be" to research, shop, plan, and share their stories. As with many wedding websites, seasonality proves to be a limiting factor in terms of traffic. Theknot.com experiences a decline on average of about 22% in unique visitors from October to December each year.

Netvibes and iGoogle Reinventing the Start Page

I’m not lazy, but I like convenience. In terms of the internet, putting all of the content I consume daily on one page is as convenient as it gets. The idea of personalized pages isn’t new. My Yahoo! has let users pick and choose what content would be viewed on their personal page for nearly a decade. Although My Yahoo! was once considered revolutionary, the service hasn’t evolved in pace

User-Generated Video Goes to the Big Screen

Yet another user-generated video site has popped up in YouTube’s wake, and TheLot.com has big ambitions. Steven Spielberg’s latest venture, “On the Lot,” is a reality TV competition that debuted Tuesday night on Fox . The show created buzz through its website by allowing prospective contestants to submit short films for a chance to compete on the show, and the ultimate chance to win a $1 million development deal with

Top Social Networks: Who's losing to MySpace

Somewhere between Instant Messenger Profiles and Vertical "People" search engines, social networking has become a keystone of the web. And much like the beer bearing the same name, it’s cheap, facilitates conversation, and is consumed primarily by younger people. As social networking continues its rapid adoption, the diversification of the social networking sites makes it an important segment to assess.

The Biggest Threat to Web Radio

I am a die-hard Pandora enthusiast. I love being exposed to new music that I don’t hear on mainstream radio, and I enjoy being able to fine-tune my channels to play music that would interest me the most. However, my listening days may be coming to an end, due to a ruling that could put Pandora out of business. Web radio is fighting back against possible fee increases of the

Lala and Peerflix: A case study in building a social Netflix

Myspace has transformed and dominated online social networking. Netflix has revolutionized the movie rental market. So what happens when you mix one part MySpace with two parts Netflix? You get two interesting social commerce plays – Peerflix and LaLa. Peerflix serves as marketplace for p2p trading exclusively for DVDs. For instance, I unfortunately own The Beach and I would love to trade it for a copy of Little Miss Sunshine.

Be on the W.A.T.C.H. for these dangerous toys!

With the Holidays ahead, many parents are flocking to get the "must-have" toy on their child’s wish list. Hopefully, safety is taken into consideration when deciding which toy makes it underneath the tree. Last week we showed you the hottest gifts the kids crave. Conversely, W.A.T.C.H. put out a list of the top ten "Worst Toys" to get for your youngster. World Against Toys Causing Harm is a non-profit organization

Thanksgiving Recipes

Can you smell the pumpkin pie? Well you shouldn’t, because Thanksgiving isn’t until Thursday; however, we can already detect people’s intentions of stuffing their bellies with an assortment of traditional dishes and a couple of new spins. No one likes burning the turkey or serving a forgettable apple pie, so people are flocking to recipe sites to get their culinary cheat sheets. Allrecipes.com has emerged as one of the top