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The Dark Knight: Is the Knight of the Box-Office Also the Knight of Online Search?

Since its release on 17th July, The Dark Knight has managed to stay at the top of the box-office chart for four straight weeks. Looking at its overwhelming box-office success, I became curious about its popularity in the online world. I compared the search trend for the Dark Knight against the other two summer blockbusters, Iron Man and Indiana Jones — The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, during their release

American Idol In Retrospect

Now that another season of American Idol has completed its run, it is time to look at the hits and misses of the season. If I have to single out the most shocking moment of this season then it would be the margin by which David Cook beat his fellow contestant. I must admit, I felt sorry for poor David Archuleta, I really thought that the winner would be announced

American Idol (Season 7) David Vs David: Who Is It Gonna Be?

Season seven of American Idol started with lots of buzz and now we are almost ready crown our next Idol. But before we gear up for next week’s finale, let’s see who is buzzing more in the online world. Starting on March 9th, after the selection of the final twelve contestants, we see that a steady growth in search activity for David Cook during the nine week period with two