Bryan Revis

The Auto Insurers' $4.6 Billion* Opportunity: Massachusetts

Massachusetts opens its doors Massachusetts is one of the last states to loosen its control of auto insurance rates and potentially the criteria insurers may use to set those rates. Until now, those two factors have deterred several of the nation’s major carriers, like GEICO and Progressive, from insuring in Massachusetts. But with a new "managed competition" system set to begin April 1st (i.e., competitors may set their own rates,

Bank of America, meet Countrywide?

In the past few weeks, rumors have circulated that Bank of America is considering the acquisition of California-based Countrywide Financial, but publicly Bank of America has been tight-lipped about any deals in the works. With federal laws prohibiting any bank from making an acquisition that would raise its share of US deposits above 10 percent, the acquisition of a mortgage lender like Countrywide would be a creative way for Bank