Bryan Donovan

Let freedom (from credit card interest) ring!

Okay, I could have inserted just about any burdensome topic into the parentheses above because when it comes down to it, Americans prefer freedom. Sometimes we want the noble freedom, like our forefathers, of choosing our own destiny and sometimes, like 3 year olds, we just want freedom from any and every imposed restriction. The credit card study we just finished provided yet another example (or two) of how we

Extra Credit: What's universal default?

Do you know what universal default means? It is the practice of a credit card company raising your interest rates based on your failure to pay one of your other creditors. Example: you are late on making your car loan payment, and the following month the interest rate on your credit card goes up"¦ substantially. A recent Consumer Affairs article does a good job of outlining the specific credit card

Death and Refunds: The 2007 Tax Season

While it’s said that the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, the internet has at least given consumers a multitude of options for filing, and, unfortunately, the uncertainty of knowing if they will make the filing due date. The most interesting aspect of the season from our perspective was a campaign by TurboTax**. Which sponsored a consumer generated media contest this year that was judged by Vanilla

Where's your money at?

Okay, we ended the last post with a question. Now we are going to give you a short look back to January to see where other people’s money might have been going. Take a look at our fantastic brand new free Attention Velocity chart below: This Attention Velocity chart shows the daily change in attention (a.k.a. total time spent) compared to January 1st for the HSBC Direct and ING Direct

Direct to the cash: Where's your money at?

One of the ways banks make bread is on the spread — the difference between what they pay you for your cash deposits and the interest they collect on the loans they make. My national bank pays 0.20% APY (yes that is 1/5th of one percent, not a typo) on cash in a regular savings account while charging over 6.00% on home loans. Not bad bread. Other banks thought so

YouTube vs. MySpace Engagement

MySpace and YouTube are the two top sites where people participating in the web 2.0 revolution have chosen to hang out (literally and figuratively). The amazing growth of these social-networking phenoms was initially driven by consumer-generated content and the communities built up around that content. The question we wanted to answer: Which site engages people more? One useful engagement measure we looked at was time spent per session. MySpace has

South Park Turns 10!

That’s right, it’s the 10th season* of South Park and the adventures of Eric, Kyle, Stan and Kenny! Making fun of pop trends, celebrities, politics and religion, Matt Stone and Trey Parker have been on the cutting edge of cultural parody for a full decade. So what could be a better way to celebrate a big birthday than to offer all your friends free games "¦and a personality test? Yep,

Q it up!

When I first saw the advertising for the Motorola Q, I had the feeling it was going to be a hit. I also thought the Palm Treo was in big trouble. The first prediction wasn’t a real stretch, and I ended up being right. Thin and feature-packed is clearly a recipe for success. As far as smartphones go, the Q’s launch was a tremendous success. At its high point in

Google Continues to Improve Market Share

After a somewhat restful Labor Day weekend, it’s time to get back to work! To follow up to our last post of August 23rd on Search market share, we are happy to make our data available for August 2006. Interesting Notes: * Since August of 2005 Google has improved its Search market share 12 consecutive months. * Although Google is enjoying a nice uninterrupted trend, its August gain represents its