Brenda Aulinskis

Don't Stop Believing — How Dodge Is Making the Journey Into Digital Marketing

Dodge is in the midst of launching their new cross-over-utility vehicle, Journey, and is depending on more digital marketing than they ever have before. The Journey is a competitively priced mid-size crossover utility vehicle that Dodge is hoping will attract a high percentage of conquest customers to the brand. Early in April, Dodge took over the homepage on AOL, Yahoo! and MSNBC advertising the Journey with a tie-in to their

Could Chevrolet Be Changing the Game in the Entry Sedan Market?

In October, Chevrolet launched a newly redesigned Malibu into the entry sedan segment hoping that this could finally be the car that breaks the strangle hold the imports have held in the segment since the Ford Taurus lost its footing back in early 2000. Compete tracks monthly lower funnel shopping activity on 3rd party automotive web sites, and since its media launch in October the Chevy Malibu has increased its

Behavior Match: Social Networking and Auto Shoppers

As the strike among the Writer’s Guild of America may be driving viewers away from prime-time TV favorites, automotive marketers are suggesting they are seeking alternative channels to reach prospective customers. Personal social networking sites on the internet are one channel marketers are anxious to better use to their advantage. Since consumers are already spending time on these sites it is natural for marketers to try to place their product

Chevrolet Disrupts Sedan Market

DISRUPT — meaning to throw into confusion or disorder. This was General Motors’ plan on Wednesday, October 17th as they launched digital media for the newly redesigned Chevy Malibu. The campaign titled "Disrupt" set out to get people to notice their vehicle. What they did was increase‘s share of internet attention by 167% on that day.

Saturn Aura Takes on Camry and Accord

In June, Saturn started a new marketing campaign inviting people to a local Saturn dealer to test drive the Saturn Aura and two dominant segment competitors, the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord. As part of their "Rethink American" campaign it is a bold, confident move, pitting the Aura against the automotive industries equivalent of Goliath. I have to admit that I wasn’t sure about this campaign. I thought all

Automotive Manufacturers: Vote or Die?

Americans love their right to choose and they are choosing import vehicles. For the first time since 1906, neither Ford nor Chevrolet topped the automotive sales charts; Toyota took the lead. As domestic auto manufacturers lose market share to foreign competition, are they also losing consumer interest? Looking at visits to both domestic and import OEM websites in April 2007, there is a nearly even split in interest between these

Doritos Grabs Early Lead in Consumer-Generated Big Game Ads

When I think of the Big Game I think of three things — pigs in a blanket, $5.00 squares, and big-budget TV ads. And while many eyes are on what Bob Parsons is go-daddy go-ing to do this year, I am most fascinated by the new consumer-generated campaigns from Doritos, Chevrolet and the NFL itself. These new campaigns are turning over the advertising reigns to consumers; I can’t help but