BeckyBitzenhofer – What’s Next?

I don’t think it’s any secret that Google typically makes terrific business decisions, as you don’t become a Top 200 Global Company without doing so.  I have to admit though, there’s one aspect of Google that has left me scratching my head just a little bit.  Just over one year ago, in January 2010, Google released its new cell phone the Nexus One (good decision), and simultaneously announced it would

The Search is on for the Best"¦EVO?

HTC certainly seems to be making its mark in the wireless world.  In March, T-Mobile began selling the HTC HD2, VZW began a prelaunch of the HTC Incredible, and perhaps most interesting of all Sprint officially announced the release of the HTC EVO, the first 4G device in America.  All these android devices are major launches for their respective carriers, but the HTC EVO appears to be the device making

There’s a Plan for That

During the holiday season, VZW launched an assault on AT&T with its "There’s a Map for That Campaign".  The campaign, mocking the "˜There’s an App for that’ phrase used by Apple to advertise the iPhone, focused on AT&T’s lack of nationwide 3G coverage as compared to VZW’s.  AT&T of course couldn’t take that sitting down, and launched a counter attack hailing the advantages of the AT&T network as a whole

Wireless Shoppers and Social Networking

Those of us that spend hours, minutes, or even seconds a day online are almost certainly familiar with at least one social networking site and the volume of word-of-mouth marketing that occurs on them.  Social Networking sites are bucking the label of "just a fad" by continuing to grow at high rates.  According to, Facebook is the #3 site on the web (behind and, with 202% growth

The View, The Lakers, and The Motorcyclist — The Start of a Bad Joke"¦or the T-Mobile MyTouch Spokespeople?

Actress Whoopi Goldberg, LA Lakers coach Phil Jackson, and motorcycle guru/TV personality Jesse James: who would have thought anything could bring such different and bold personalities together in one TV commercial. T-Mobile did just that with the launch of its T-Mobile MyTouch campaign, focusing on how the MyTouch can be customized for any individual or personality. The T-Mobile My Touch is the second Google Android phone T-Mobile has launched; this

T-Mobile and Friends with Benefits?

Over the next two years, I could save $721 in cell phone bills if I switched to a 1000 anytime minute individual T-Mobile plan plus 300 text messages and unlimited web. That’s according to, a site that tells you which wireless carrier could save you money when you enter information about your cell phone usage, what you are paying, and where you use the phone. The site offers a

Twitter Trends — The Search is On

Twitter may be relatively new in the social networking field, but with big leaps in traffic and visits and nearly 8,000,000 visitors to the website in February, it’s certainly making a splash. With a recent site redesign that gives users easy access to information about what users are talking about and the ability to search public posts (or "tweets"), Twitter could become a barometer for what’s hot in current events

The "New" Facebook: Learning From Old Mistakes

A few weeks ago, I logged on to Facebook to see if any of my friends had dared to challenge me in another game of word twist. As was expected, due to my unprecedented dominance in the game, no one had. What was not expected, however, was an inconspicuous link at the top of the page telling me to try the "New" Facebook. So, I decided to check it out.

Now that everyone (and their mom) is on Facebook, where are the young adults hanging out?

I was playing around with the fancy new chat feature in Facebook a couple nights ago, and started talking to my college buddy from a few years back. Soon I was chatting with my boyfriend’s mom, and eventually started talking to my 11 year-old cousin. I started to realize just how clear it’s become that Facebook is no longer just for college kids. In fact, social networking is beginning to

Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Lately, I seem to be getting more invites to view a Google document (rather than a Word document). I guess I’m not surprised though. It has been just over a year since Google Docs and Spreadsheets was officially released, and it has been just under a year since Microsoft released Office 2007. As many know, Office 2007 includes a whole new interface that is unfamiliar, and potentially frustrating, to the