Anthony Gulino

Visa and the NFL team up for another season

Football is in full swing as we enter the midpoint of November and are two months into the NFL season.  Many teams are still in the hunt for a playoff berth which makes for numerous exciting and must see games each weekend.  Not only are the fans of these teams enthused by this but also companies that sponsor the league. The start of the NFL season brings excitement to sponsors

AMEX and Discover Dive Into Savings

With the credit market still in a state of disarray, traditional credit card companies are looking for ways to diversify their sources of funding. Two of the industry’s largest competitors in the card arena, Discover and American Express, have recently begun to offer a portfolio of savings products that compete directly with longtime leaders in this space like ING Direct, and relatively new entrants such as Ally Bank. This is

Both Consumers and Banks Push For Stability In The Current Economy

It seems that every day we hear different news about the economy in terms of a turn towards recovery. The stock market is continually fluctuating based on news in the job market, housing prices, and the nation’s financial institutions. While the hope is that there is nowhere to go but up, many of our banking centers are still struggling within the current climate. As a result, 36 banks have already

StockTwits Is On The Money

There is no denying the fact that the social networking site Twitter has exploded into popular culture this year. Unique visitors to this popular domain has grown over 225% since January (19,443,286 unique visitors in April 2009). While wading through the different applications for this type of information sharing, one offering in particular really caught my eye, StockTwits. StockTwits is an open community of investors that share advice and information

Bank of America’s Focus on "Quality" Online Bankers

Online banking is an effective way for banking institutions to deliver multiple services in a low cost channel. By increasing online banking usage and moving customers to use bill pay and paperless statements, banks not only reduce servicing expenses, but also increase the switching costs for customers to another bank. Just think, once someone sets up account alerts and their online bill payments, it’s not an exercise they are going

How Effective Are Online Financial Tools?

Are you one of the millions of Americans checking the status of your retirement funds more often than you check the time these past few weeks? Planning for retirement probably seems like a more daunting task than ever, so many financial services companies have developed online tools to help investors of all ages determine how to reach individual retirement savings goals. The benefits are twofold — investors receive quick retirement

Fidelity's Fresh Approach to Retirement Marketing

As this country’s Boomer generation enters into their 60’s many are looking forward to retirement. In turn, investment firms are looking to attract the attention and dollars of these individuals as they try to solidify their financial situation before leaving the workforce. It is no surprise that Fidelity, one of the nation’s leading institutions, has gone to innovative lengths to attract those individuals approaching retirement. One such campaign is the

Update: Show Me the Money – Google, Yahoo!, MSN Finance Sections on the Rise

It’s no secret that the economy is currently in a state of flux. Rising oil and gas prices have a way of financially affecting almost every aspect of our lives. The word "recession" has been floating around for the better part of a year now and worried consumers are trying to keep tabs on the financial markets more than ever. This consumer anxiety becomes apparent when looking into the traffic

E*Trade: The Right Stuff "Baby"?

Everyone’s favorite investor in diapers is back as the E*Trade Baby makes a new appearance promoting Mobile E*Trade Pro. By now I’m sure most of us have seen those popular E*TRADE Baby advertisements either on television or online. There are now three ads with the mobile variation joining the E*Trade Banking Baby and E*Trade Trading Baby. The previous versions have both gained over a million views on YouTube since the