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HTC One Launch Deserved More Attention

Image from: HTC One / In the words of Jason Mackenzie, HTC’s President of Global sales, the just announced One is “a bold step forward that delivers something new and fresh”. That is certainly true for both the phone and the company. In a big departure from its traditional approach, HTC took the marketing and branding reins into their own hands and thrust its new flagship phone into the

2013 CES Recap –Video Interview

Image from: Kobby Dagan / Though CES 2013 is officially behind us, the buzz will linger for weeks to come (especially as all the exciting stuff that was announced at the show starts hitting the shelves). After coming back to our home base in Boston, Chris Collins and I had a great opportunity to talk to RCR’s Dan Meyer about what we saw this year at CES, including: Samsung’s

Hybrids – the brave new world of personal PCs?

Image from: somchaij / Shutterstock The Consumer Electronics Show kicked off on Tuesday giving everyone a preview of 2013’s biggest tech trends. One trend I am particularly interested in is the growth of tablets and tablet hybrids. It’s clear that consumers’ appetites for portable computing is growing based on CEA data from the Compete/ Google 2012 Portable PC Shopper Study. Tablets are projected to drive the most growth in the

Witty Galaxy SIII Campaign Is Paying Off

Image from: Samsung Galaxy SIII / Consumer attitudes have changed quite a bit since the iPhone first redefined the meaning of “smartphone”. In today’s world the iPhone is hardly the only cutting edge option for the tech-savvy and design-conscious consumer, and choices are getting more abundant. In a recent Compete survey of wireless shoppers 1 in 4 iPhone buyers cited familiarity, not the coolness factor or the best technology,

For Smartphone manufacturers “less” is increasingly becoming “more”

Image from: ronstik / Shutterstock With well over a hundred new phones coming out every year it’s no wonder that the smartphone market feels like it’s getting pretty crowded. However, in this world of over-abundance some phone manufacturers appear to be taking another route to success: focusing on ‘hero’ devices that are likely to capture the hearts and minds of a wide range of consumers. Offering a comparatively small range

Next Generation "Blockbuster" Phones on Third-Party Reseller Sites: A Treasure Trove For a Savvy Shopper

Soon after the breaking news of the iPhone 4 launch, another newsflash hit the blogosphere: for the first time ever, iPhone will be available for purchase through outlets other than AT&T and Apple’s websites and stores on launch day (this time, Walmart, RadioShack and BestBuy stores carried the device on the June 24th launch day). While this is a big deal, it is also a part of a fairly recent

Newcomers up for Tough Competition in the Agent Space

From new phones with endlessly expanding capabilities (digital camera, turn-by-turn navigation) to new functions one can perform from their device (set my DVR to record the latest episode of House), the world of wireless products and services never ceases to amaze me.  As our wireless phones continue to morph into versatile "do-it-all" gizmos, the options for purchase continue to change as well. Agent sites (i.e. independent, 3rd party retailers) are

Where the Wild [Cell Phone] Deals Are (this Holiday season)

With the holidays almost upon us, shoppers are once again on the path to find the best available deals on this season’s "must haves". In the world of cell phones some notable additions to the usual suspects (iPhone anyone?) at the top of holiday gift lists include newcomers like Motorola Droid, its twin sister Eris (both exclusive to VZW), Palm Pre (exclusive to Sprint), HTC MyTouch 3G (from T-Mobile) as

Prepaid Wireless the new "Cheap Chic"

We all know that times are tough. As consumers try to find ways to cut costs, Fifth Avenue designers are flocking to strip malls, discount stores are introducing even more affordable designer clothing lines, and celebrity chefs are opening gourmet sandwich shops instead of posh restaurants. "Cheap" is definitely the new "chic." Prepaid service is becoming the "cheap chic" of the wireless world. No longer just for people with bad

Who's tuned into online video?

Gone are the days when the Internet was for checking email or searching for the meaning of the word "doppelganger". Now booking vacations, paying bills and shopping are every day online activities for most people. With such an abundance of things to do on the Internet, many companies find themselves challenged to keep their customers interested and engaged. One of the new and cool things you can do online that’s

Designer Handbags Have Gone Netflix

I think we can all agree that Netflix fundamentally changed the movie rental market. Netflix’s mail delivery and no late fee model lowered the price of rentals, enabled us to choose from more options and forced Blockbuster to re-engineer its entire business. Not bad for a decade’s worth of work. It begs the question — what else can be Netflixed? CDs? Not really, has yet to take off. Used