Andy Kazeniac

Environmental Issues Turning Many Into Treehuggers

Remember when calling someone a "tree hugger" was supposed to be an insult? Now with global warming becoming a prominent issue, it seems to be worn like a badge of honor and I’m sure there are people who would hug a lot worse than trees to get a traffic trend like has. The one-stop-shopping site for everything green has seen substantial growth over the past two years with unique

Google's April Fools Hoaxes: Gaining Popularity, Fooling Anyone?

The April Fools hoaxes by Google have become widely known in some circles, but judging by the email I got from a friend this morning asking if I’d seen the new Gmail feature of Custom Time, not everyone has caught on. The pages are well done and it’s easy to see how someone not really paying attention could be fooled by some of the "new offers" at first glance. The

Is ESPN Really "The Worldwide Leader in Sports"?

There are more sports television channels than ever, and new sports websites popping up every day, but ESPN is the self-declared "Worldwide Leader in Sports." So just how accurate is that tagline online? While consistently being the leader throughout height the baseball and football seasons, it seems that the slow sports months early in the year hit ESPN harder than both Yahoo! Sports and Sports Illustrated, which actually grew significantly

March Madness: NCAA Sports is High Scorer

Did anyone notice their internet connection slowing to a crawl around noon on Thursday? I have to confess that I wasn’t in the office, as I headed to slightly more lively locales to take in the games. Several friends, who weren’t fortunate enough to be able to get out of the office, reported that it was taking an annoyingly long time for pages to load, starting right when the games

Check Out the January Data on Compete Site Analytics!

January data has arrived and is now live on Compete Site Analytics!

Top 10 Compete Blog Posts of 2007

As we finish up our first full year of blogging at Compete, we thought we’d take a look back. Using the wealth of Compete data to find trends, the blog has made strides this year, in both Technorati ranking (up almost 10,000 spots to better than 2,300) and readership. Here are some of the posts that have helped get us there, ranked by page views. 10. Blu-Ray vs. HD-DVD: Does

GettyImages vs. iStockphoto: Old School vs. New School

On the surface, this appears to be a story of an internet old-timer versus a web 2.0 darling, but this story isn’t all that it seems. The new age side of the battle started before the term "˜web 2.0′ was on everyone’s tongues. And when it comes down to it, this is far from traditional competition, seeing as how both properties are owned by the same company., the long-time

100 Undiscovered Sites: On the way to discovery?

Being an "undiscovered site" isn’t ideal, but it often isn’t a bad thing (assuming the discovery phase isn’t too far off in the distance). There is even an allure to the undiscovered for many web enthusiasts looking to find the next big thing. PC Magazine recently released their list of Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites, a list with admittedly varying levels of popularity already, and I was curious to see

Fantasy Football Sweeps the Nation, especially North Dakota

Judging by the selection of fantasy football guides at a local bookstore (I found 8 magazines devoted solely to helping you in your draft) and all the spots on television, it seems that fantasy football is bigger than ever. While off-line coverage is a good indication that the game has hit the mainstream, the real scope of fantasy football can be best seen where the game is played — online.

Top 25 Colleges and Universities Online

The college football season started last night and looking at all the top 25 rankings inspired us to make a ranking of our own. So in the style of the college football rankings, we present the Top 25 Colleges and Universities Online. ITT Tech runs away with the top spot. It’s tough to compete with over 90 campuses nationwide. University of Michigan comes in second with a very strong showing,

Free Ticket to sold out TECH cocktail: We have a winner!

Thanks to everyone who submitted an interesting SnapShot to the contest for a ticket to the sold-out TECH cocktail party in Boston. Here is the winning submission! 5 (of 7) Deadly Sins This entry takes an interesting and funny look at Gluttony, Lust, Greed, Sloth, and Pride. Summer is the down time for Sloth (Cliffsnotes), while Pride spikes (HotorNot). Lust is consistent throughout (Playboy), Greed (TheStreet) is volatile, and Gluttony