Andy Kazeniac What are we looking up?

I long-ago ditched the bulky paper versions of my dictionary and thesaurus in favor of the easier to use (and lighter) Years of English and Writing classes have forced the habit of underlining unfamiliar words I come across and looking them up later. During a recent trip to the site I wondered; Do other people know what this word means? What is everyone else looking up? My junior high

Big Game Movie Advertiser Scorecard

Several movies made the roughly $3 million investment to advertise at the Big Game this year and now with a full month gone since the Steelers became world champions, it’s a good time to see just what they got for their money. The ten movie ads that aired during the Big Game (including the G.I. Joe spot just before the game) saw highly varied subsequent interest at their official movie

Social Networks: Facebook Takes Over Top Spot, Twitter Climbs

With Facebook officially turning five years old recently, combined with the site surging past MySpace in Monthly Unique Visitors, it seems like a good time to take a little deeper look at the social networking giants. It’s hard to believe that last year around this time we discussing the effects of bad PR for Facebook and if the site had "˜jumped the shark,’ but those arguments now seem to more

Big Game Ads – Coke vs. Pepsi

Coke and Pepsi have been locked in battle on many fronts for decades and the Big Game goes a long way in deciding which of the two has the upper hand. Both had success with memorable ads in 2008; Pepsi’s Justin Timberlake ad and Coke’s Parade Balloons (as a Patriots fan, the ads are the only part of that game I want to remember). Each company had three commercials during

Big Game Advertising Working for Go Daddy

The Big Game has become so much more than just the game, and nowhere is that shown better than in the big budget commercials. Brands like Budweiser, Coke, Pepsi and many others have been laying down huge money annually for decades now to have their ads in the big game and they often deliver memorable commercials that keep people talking long after the game. One relatively new player that has

Inauguration Fever Hits the Web

On a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of January, the majority of the country is not sitting in front of their television. Although I’m sure many took the day off from work to watch the festivities from home (and more than a million to be there), most turned to the web for out inauguration coverage. And most of those people turned to Not surprisingly, all news sites saw a

Top Compete Blogs and Searches of ’08

Another successful year is coming to a close for the Compete Blog and we felt it was appropriate to take a look back at the events that shaped our world this year, and subsequently shaped our blog. The following list compiles the top blog post for each month of ’08. Top Monthly Compete Blog Posts ’08 January Sink or Swim? The Top Moving Sites Of 2007 February Start Your Engines:

MLB Playoff Viewing Down, Fans Turning To Online Channels

There was speculation that MLB playoff TV ratings would suffer this year with the New York Yankees missing the playoffs for the first time in over a decade. It looks like not even rooting against hated rivals was enough to draw in all those lost fans, as viewership has fallen off for both the early rounds and the World Series. But has this downturn been exclusive to television? In short,

Priceline Guarantees Sunshine, Gets Conversion

Have you ever had a relaxing getaway at the beach rained out and wished there was some sort of compensation you could get for your lack of a tan? In the absence of a long-awaited good weather guarantee from Mother Nature, Priceline has stepped up and taken the initiative. Their quirky Sunshine Guaranteed offer promises to refund vacation package purchases if an excessive amount of rainfall takes place on the

Olympics Online: ESPN, Yahoo!, NBC Battling for Gold

Although the Opening Ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics don’t start until tonight, some events have already begun. Likewise, the flow of traffic online for the Olympics got an early start this year, reaching an early peak during the height of last month’s qualifying competitions. NBC’s official Olympics site ( is gaining steam leading up to tonight, as are the Olympics sections on two popular sports websites: and Yahoo! Sports.

Manchester United, Juventus, Liverpool All Winners in the U.S. Online Game

With the bulk of the major soccer competitions coming to a close in Europe over the past couple months, it seems like a good time to give out one final trophy. While this one may not be quite as prestigious as a league championship or the Champions League or Euro title, the battle for the top European club online in the U.S. is still a heated one. And judging from