Andy Kazeniac

Disney Acquires Comic Industry Leader Marvel

Walt Disney Co. recently acquired long-time comic industry giant Marvel Entertainment Inc. for a hefty sum of $4 billion. Other than a slew of superpowers and a closet full of alter-ego costumes, what did Disney get for its money? You’ve probably seen, or at least heard about the many Marvel comic-to-movie adaptations in recent years, including Iron Man, Spider Man and X-Men, and these blockbusters are undoubtedly a large part

Ronaldo Tops Soccer Shopping, Donovan & Altidore Make Strong Showing for U.S.

I’m a Manchester United fan and my coworker, Marko, is a Liverpool supporter. The debate about which team is better is pretty simple (especially because United won the league this season) because it’s settled on the field. FIFA passes out a Player of the Year award every year, but that argument is a bit more subjective. Popularity isn’t necessarily proportional to talent, but they are closely related and although we

Pizza Hut Cooks Up Winning Recipe Online

Similar to the fast food burger rivalries, seemingly everyone has an opinion about which pizza is the best (Papa John’s). Many take pride in finding the little mom and pop shops that have the best sauce (Fortunato’s, Baltimore), but when it comes to the national level, three establishments have outpaced the rest; Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Papa John’s. Monthly unique visitor traffic to these three sites remains relatively close, but

Netflix Continues Dominance in Online Movie Rentals

I’ve am a long-time member of Blockbuster’s online rental program and have been shouting from my soapbox that its in-store exchange policy makes the Blockbuster program a better alternative than Netflix. My argument took a hit recently when I was welcomed by a sign on the door of my local Blockbuster store that read, “50% off all movies. No rentals at this location.” This is the second time in the

Top Coupon Sites: Saving Money Now Easier, More Popular Than Ever

When an extra minute or two checking around for a coupon code could save you money on an online purchase, it certainly seems worth the time. I can’t remember the last time I bought something online without checking for a coupon code first, and I’m just one of 32 million consumers in the U.S. that visited a coupon site last month (up from 28 million a year ago). Compete’s recently

Trekkies Leading Strong Online Star Trek Movie Interest

Many of the blockbuster movies this year come with an established fan base from another medium, but Star Trek is unique in that its the sub-culture runs so deep that the Trekkie name has become has become common knowledge. I was curious to see if this strong group of followers was affecting where people are finding information about the movie. While official channels, social media sites and and major movie

The Boston Globe: Still Strong Online

Negotiations between the Boston Globe and the unions over cost-cutting have come to a successful conclusion, and it seems that the Globe will continue publishing. This is just one of many major newspapers to struggle recently, and yet another sign that traditional channels are losing ground to the internet. While the newspaper isn’t as widely circulated as it once was, the Boston Globe name still holds some weight and readers

Swine Flu Infects the Web

Swine flu may not have officially reached pandemic levels yet, but the hype certainly has. It seems to be the headline in every publication and I can hardly have a conversation about anything without swine flu creeping in. And people have been turning to the web for the latest information from a variety of sources. Search destinations for ‘swine flu’ span several different categories, from major news sites to social

Yelp Closing in on Citysearch

Every time I’ve been trying to decide on a new place to go with friends recently, someone has inevitably said, “Check it out on Yelp,” but rarely has anyone suggested that we use Citysearch too. This sentiment seems to be reflected in the web traffic, with the perennial leader in local restaurant/entertainment reviews no longer alone at the top. Through the end of last year Citysearch held a significant lead,

Competition for ‘Marathon’ Title

We turned our attention this week to one of Massachusetts and Boston’s greatest traditions — Patriots’ Day and the Boston Marathon. While only a few states recognize Patriots’ Day as a holiday, the running of the marathon has unofficially renamed the day Marathon Monday in Massachusetts. The Boston race gets a lot of hype every April, but it is only one of many on the annual major marathon circuit. I

CBS Sports a Winner in NCAA Tournament

My brackets were busted and my teams were ousted more rounds ago than I’d like to admit, but the tournament has again been a success for CBS Sports. While other networks have a more balanced sports calendar throughout the year, the NCAA Basketbally Tournament is the annual event that stands above the rest for CBS. The varied Fox coverage of the NFL, MLB, College Football BCS, and Nascar span nearly