Andy deGaravilla

Tweets and Their Influence on Online Shopping

Image from: Twitter / Shutterstock During the several week lull that is mercifully located between the busy Back-To-School shopping season and the even busier Holiday shopping season, Compete and Twitter worked together to understand the impact that Tweets posted by retail companies have on the consumers who see them.  Specifically, we wanted to know whether Tweets influence consumer behavior; are people exposed to a retailer Tweet more likely to visit

What Role is Twitter Playing in the 2012 Election?

Image from: Political Twitter / Social Media Frontiers The impact and prevalence of Twitter in regards to the 2012 Presidential race has received a lot of press since the first debate between President Obama and Governor Romney.  According to Twitter, last week’s debate led to a record-setting 10 million Tweets to become the single most tweeted event in U.S. political history. As the race enters its last month and raises

Location Based Services: Why smartphone apps will pay off for advertisers, carriers, application providers

In the last few weeks, the wireless world has been buzzing about location-based services (LBS), applications made primarily for wireless devices that use GPS, WiFi or cellular radio signals (or a combination of all three) that enable consumers to get information and advertisers to reach them based on their location. Some recent developments include: Buzzd, a new, featured application on RIM’s BlackBerry AppWorld that allows users to find nearby restaurants,

Why Wireless Searchers Matter — Results from the Google & Compete Webinar

How important is it for wireless carriers and handset manufacturers to have an effective online strategy? Very. A recent study by Compete and Google found that the majority of wireless phone buyers are researching online, and that attracting searchers has short-and long-term benefits. The study found that 78% of consumers who made a wireless purchase used the internet for research beforehand, even though 94% of transactions are completed offline. This

Mobile TV Market Begins to Take Shape

In September 2006, Compete reported on the marginal, albeit growing, interest in mobile TV and video products services online at Big-4 carrier websites. At the time, online consumers exhibiting interest in mobile TV and video services comprised just half of a percent of all Big-4 carrier website traffic. Compete recently completed an online study surveying existing Big-4 customers regarding their interests and preferences around this new entertainment medium. Of 2,500

You air travelers out there know there are plenty of things that can go wrong between takeoff and landing. Whether it’s a seat that doesn’t recline, a tiny overhead where your overflowing "carry on" won’t fit, or a general lack of cocktail service on that 7am flight, sometimes you wonder if you’re better off taking the minivan. Enter, a nifty website that has all the information about airplane travel

Mobile Video Demand Is Small But Growing Fast

Mobile video has emerged as one of the hottest technologies in the wireless industry. All the major carriers have launched mobile TV services, and the investment community continues to pour money into enabling technologies. So far, consumers have responded with limited but growing interest. Interest in mobile video on the Big-4 carriers’ websites increased 80% over the past year, yet still represents less than 1% of carrier website traffic, according

I want my MVNO

You probably don’t know what MVNO stands for (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) or what an MVNO does (uses an existing wireless network, jazzes up the service and phone and markets under a different brand) but turns out you just might be a lot more familiar with an MVNO than you realized. The idea behind the MVNO concept is that an existing brand or even a completely new brand can piggyback