Andrew Pearlman

Girls go wild for Girls Gone Wild

Did that grab your attention? So the story goes; I had a bet with my old roommate that 20% of sales for Girls Gone Wild were female. To which he responded, “No way, it’s less than 1% – girls would never buy that”. Oh, how little does he know….. (Now is a good time to make your guess at what the actual figure is by the way.) Think for a

My 10 year MSN Hotmail anniversary and what it means to Gmail

Well The day has finally arrived, while I am only months away from my 10 year high school reunion. My latest accomplishment pales in comparison. Today marks the 10 year anniversary of my active relationship with (please hold your applause to the end). Flying the face of a time where email was based on POP3 and ISPs, before exchange servers brought email dangerously close to the finger tips of

Restaurant Week Promotions Gaining Online

It is restaurant week here in Boston, a two week promotion to encourage diners to try out someplace new. Offered twice a year, you could say that it has a very "˜seasonal’ trend. This is a good example of how localized events like restaurant week, which happens all across the country, can identify and target a hard to reach segment. I took a closer look at some of the traffic

For those about to, we salute you!

I stumbled upon a new site last month,, while I was perusing the top sites for attention every month. Just in case anyone was confused on what exactly that attention metric we talk about is; let’s use Facebook as an example. In June accounted for 6.55% of all seconds spent for every single person online across the entire US! That means for every 2 minutes spent in cyber

Kruger: A Battle of Might, Will… What Were We Talking About?

With summer starting to wind down my dreams of being on safari in South America are starting to occupy my mind more and more. This reminded me of a remarkable video I saw on YouTube several months ago; in traditional viral fashion (Hey did you see this video yet?? Spam spam spam!). The video showcases an epic battle of nature caught on tape (perfect for a show on Fox) of

American Gladiators in the 21st Century — Please don't call it Reality TV!

For me, one of the most exciting shows of the winter season (I still can’t believe Nip/Tuck is over, damn you writers strike!) was NBC’s remake of popular game show American Gladiators. This was very exciting for many Americans, who felt like anyone could compete (like bowling) and that it embodied many aspects of the American Dream (work with me here). The media spend for the launch of this show

Gen-X vs. Gen-Y: Who gets all the credit?

I recently decided to play around with Compete’s Behavior Matchâ„¢ online media planning product tool. I took on the fictional persona of a progressive lending company, Halfpipe & Hairband Lending LLC., which is trying to target the disenfranchised younger generations dealing with the shocking realization that you actually have to pay back student loans and that buying/maintaining a house is expensive. "Bummer dude!". For those who are not familiar with

Fact or More Time Spent Than Social Networks

Believe it or not, based on the top 100 domains (unique visitors) has the fourth highest average time spent per user. That’s right, they beat out Facebook, MySpace, Google, Yahoo! and MSN. Only three sites rank higher; the almighty time wasting gaming site, (number one), and the two hottest dating sites (so I hear) on the net; and Coming in at a close number five is

Who Clicked Britney?

Love her or hate her, like most celebrities, America has a morbid fascination with the trials and tribulations of Britney Spears. Through the good times and the bad, while PR firms go mad, without seatbelts or hair, entering rehab or needing an au pair, Britney is still here. Now, say what you will about the Mousekateer gone"¦ well, wild. The fact remains, the people want to know what exactly Britney

Windorphins Rush Felt Throughout the Public Transit System

So I’m minding my own business one day on the subway and I noticed that all the iPod/iPhone/iWorld ads had been taken down (temporarily) and replaced by this weird multi color looking banner asking me if I had windorphins. Well the combination of thinking about endorphins and seeing weird colorful Dr.Mario-esque figures was compelling enough for me. I had to go visit the site just to figure out what the

Tom Is Not My Friend

So, I finally did it"¦ Heavily influenced by a close friend, I broke down and made a MySpace account. This is most definitely not an uncommon occurrence as there are about elevendy-billion profiles on the site today, but for me it is a big deal. I’ve never been a fan of social networks and their ability to let your distant acquaintances get a SnapShot â„¢ version of your personal life.