Andrew Meagher

Scientology vs. Anonymous – The Online Battle

For those of you who have been unaware of the Anonymous vs. Church of Scientology story, here’s a quick recap. When videos of Tom Cruise speaking at a Church of Scientology function leaked onto the Internet in January they quickly became the viral topic du jour, showing up on celebrity sites and mainstream news sites alike. The tapes gave outsiders an unprecedented glimpse inside the typically private organization, and showed

If Clicks Were Votes – Democratic Candidates

Yesterday I posted about traffic to the websites of the top Republican presidential candidates. Today it’s the Democrats’ turn. So, following the same procedures, here’s a look at level of interest by state, as measured by the total number of visits to each of the top Democratic candidate’s sites over the past six months: Hillary Clinton Clinton sees huge amounts of traffic from the northeast, where states like New York,

If Clicks Were Votes – Republican Candidates

The 2008 Presidential election is still over a year away, but the campaign is in full swing. While it’s still far too early to make any predictions about who will win the nominations, we can gauge public interest pretty easily by looking at traffic to each candidate’s website. And with the help of some nifty mapping software that my colleague Max Freiert recently purchased, we can track those traffic patterns

May Movers: Hierarchy of Needs

From natural disasters to personal health, from finding employment to seeking high art, the Movers list for May illustrates the disparate elements that drive our interests as human beings. While some month’s Movers Lists follow cyclical trends, such as florist sites in February or tax sites in April, this month seemed to feature a well-rounded and diverse set of subjects that give us insight into our quest to fulfill our

Movie Pirates – And we don't mean Jack Sparrow

This past weekend Hollywood executives were celebrating as Spiderman 3 broke several world-wide records during its first few days of theatrical release. The receipts would seem to be indicative of a strong summer at the box office despite several months of sagging or flat performance. But while the studios can breathe a sigh of relief for now, another potential threat to their revenue is looming. Several years ago, file sharing

March Movers: Madness and Reading

Holiday themes often dominate the monthly top ten movers list, but while March’s big day on the 17th may move people to local establishments for corned beef and a beverage or two, it failed to move enough people online to crack our top ten. Interestingly enough, it’s a pastime that has been around for centuries and is decidedly un-tech that dominates our list. Predictably, the NCAA basketball tournament makes its

Candidates' fundraising numbers not all in, can site traffic show the leaders?

Candidates in the 2008 presidential race have until April 15 2007 to file their first quarter campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission. All but one of the six major players has announced their funding totals as of April 2, and the results have opened some eyes: Hillary Clinton’s $26 million 3-month total (plus $10 million from her Senate campaign fund) represents a formidable obstacle for any Democratic competitor.

CareerBuilder’s Big Game Ads: Flop or Not?

February was a great month for advertising and marketing experts. They got to sit and watch the Big Game, like the rest of us, then publicly rail against their colleagues and potential clients for creating such horrible commercials. Some of the most damaging criticism was reserved for, which ran a series of ads featuring a world where "Lord of the Flies" meets "The Office". The reaction of the experts

February Top Movers: The Secret

As is often the case, an annual event exerted its influence on our top-ten monthly mover’s list. Valentine’s Day had a big impact on our list, with greeting card sites, florists, and chocolatiers all having strong representation. But not even the Holiday of Love could overcome the growth factor of the Oprah Effect. The Secret is the latest in a long line of self-help philosophies that promise you wealth, fitness,

January's Top Movers: Less Death, More Taxes

This time of year everyone is thinking about taxes. Jeremy Crane’s post on Wednesday confirmed that, and my post today reinforces it. But how about this for consistency: Last January, I wrote about the Top Movers for the Week of January 15. Five of the sites listed in that post have made it once again into the Movers List for January 2007. We are creatures of habit, and our observed vs. The S&P 500

Last week Stephen DiMarco posted some impressive examples of how Compete data could be used to track transaction data across multiple retailer sites. While I’m sure daytraders and hedge fund managers found the information fascinating, maybe even profitable, I’m not sure it can help someone like me. As much as I hate to admit it, I’m a buy and hold kind of guy when it comes to investing. In fact