Alex Patriquin

November Search Market Share: Yahoo Officially Below 20%; We Debut Paid Search

November in America. We got elections, Thanksgiving and the kickoff of the holiday shopping season with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. All contributed to query growth this year, with the top search engines maintaining the 10b query record set the month before. November’s 1% increase in query volume reflected Obamania, widespread anxiety over economic turmoil and bargain searching galore. That might not seem like a big increase, but consider that

Paid Search: How Branded Terms Play a Key Role

A few weeks ago, we used Compete intelligence on paid and natural search to show how Yahoo! outperformed Google in paid click efficiency. Now that the Yahoo!-Google search partnership has gone down the tubes, we’re taking another look at paid search — this time at how a few well-known brands drive PPC traffic to their sites. For this analysis, we looked at paid referrals from the Top 5 search engines

YouTube Search: A Whole New Video Game

With Google‘s announcement last week that it would begin showing sponsored results for video searches on YouTube, a lot of advertisers and producers have begun to consider a new opportunity to tap into the web’s largest pool of online videos and viewers. YouTube has long been acknowledged as the far-and-away frontrunner in online video, with close to 63 million US-based visitors in October 2008, according to Compete. Less well-known has

October Search Market Share: Query Volume Breaks 10b Mark, Windows Live Search Edges Ahead

October, 2008 was a raucous month for America and search markets. Upheaval in the financial markets, showdowns in politics and hallows on Halloween all contributed to unprecedented query volume. Collectively, the top search engines broke 10 billion query mark for web searches. Not much changed, though, in terms of how the search engines performed individually last month. There was some minor jostling between Yahoo! and Windows Live Search and Google

Happy 2nd Anniversary, Google Docs & Spreadsheets

Two weeks ago, Google Labs announced new gadgets integrating Google Docs & Spreadsheets with GMail, just in time for the 2nd anniversary of the web-based productivity tools. The move may leverage GMail’s growing user base and facilitate growth at Docs & Spreadsheets as it inches closer to meaningful competition with MS Office, which dominates the productivity software market. Microsoft came out defending its turf the next day with a slick

The Undiscovered Best: How Yahoo! Actually Leads Paid Search

When Microsoft made an uninvited bid for Yahoo! last February, Yahoo! mounted a "No Sacred Cows" takeover defense and explored all options, even the once unthinkable: outsourcing some search ads to once arch-rival Google. The conventional wisdom behind the partnership, which was officially announced in June and has been under anti-trust review since then, is that Google is better at monetizing searches than Yahoo!, and that as a result of

Homepage Showdown: Quality of Clicks from the Web's Biggest Billboards

Ever wonder who clicks on the seemingly random ads on the Yahoo! Homepage? And why? You’re not alone, and Compete’s new research suggests that while many click, the value of any given clicker can vary widely. The Yahoo! Homepage and other mega-site’s top-level domains reach the greatest audiences on the net and yield the highest advertising revenue. With millions invested in these single pages every day, they represent marquee virtual

August Online Video Market Share: Politics and the Olympics Take the Top 5 by Storm

Growth at Google’s YouTube slowed dramatically in August, coming in essentially flat after months of consecutive gains of 3 — 5%. Despite the slowdown, Google still overwhelming led the field with 55.4% share of video viewing visits. As the gap between YouTube and everybody else continued to widen, two players debuted in the top ranks in August, thanks to major news events. The Democratic National Convention gave a big boost

July Online Video Market Share: YouTube Marches On, Crackle Gets Major Push From Minisodes

July is named for Julius Ceaser, and like that Roman Emperor, YouTube "saw and conquered" the world of online video again a month ago. The undisputed leader of online video claimed 49% share of video viewing visits, up 1.3 percentage points versus June and 8.1 versus a year earlier. July was also the second time that YouTube overtook MySpace in terms of US-based unique visitors at the domain level. The

Yahoo! Takes Gold in Olympic Reach, NBC Squeaks Win in Engagement

The 2008 Olympic Summer Games are well under way in Beijing, while the contest continues online for audience reach and engagement. NBC spent $900 million for exclusive rights to broadcast the Beijing Olympics on TV and online. On August 9th, the day after the Opening Ceremony, nearly 2 million unique visitors dropped by to catch the replay. A week later, shows no sign of slowing down, but Yahoo!’s

June Online Video Market Share: YouTube and Jokeroo Crash Network's Summer Vacation

YouTube continued its inexorable drive upward and onward in June, propelling Google to new heights of a 47.8% market share of all video viewing visits on the web. That’s up 2.3 share points versus May and nearly 14 points compared to a year ago. Meanwhile the best of the rest gave up share to GooTube, with Yahoo! in particular taking a big hit of .7 share points in June and