Alex Patriquin

Adam Lambert and Earth Day Top April’s Search Charts

American Idol fans doubled down in Adam Lambert searches as the "glam-rock sex god" delivered one hit performance after another last month. Lambert’s query share grew to over 1.3 million queries as fans flocked to see his "leather and spandex glory." Earth Day was April’s other top mover — skyrocketing nearly seven-fold to 800k searches. Earth Day also improved share by .006% — no small feat given April’s 13+ billion

April Search Market Share: Sponsored Referrals Drop Dramatically

Search market share and query volume didn’t change much in April, 2009, but sponsored referrals at some of the leading search engines took a big hit. Last month, query volume dipped a slight 5.4% at the leading search engines, and nearly all maintained their March market share. Concerns over Swine Flu, Opening Day at baseball parks across the country and buzz over Twitter weren’t enough to move the query dial

Does Ad Size Matter? It Depends What You Do With It

If you’ve visited the homepages of Yahoo!, AOL or MSN in the past couple of months, you may have noticed some really big banner ads. The online publishing industry has been experimenting with new ad sizes and formats lately, and it’s led to some very eye catching advertising. On the left is the ubiquitous "Medium Regular" banner ad that Kohl’s ran on the MSN homepage. On the right is the

AOL Doubles Down for Tracfone in Advertising Effectiveness

Tracfone recently purchased a banner ad on the AOL homepage. This type of homepage ad is a go-to tactic for media buyers looking to drive lots of traffic, and hopefully sales, to their advertising clients. However, it can often be difficult to tell just how effectively homepage ads perform. Clickthrough, the most common measure of ad effectiveness, doesn’t represent the full value of display advertising since many people who see

March Search Market Share: Record query growth and the Yahoo/Microsoft search deal by the numbers

March typically posts some big month/month query volume growth, but last month exceeded all expectations. Query volume across the top 5 search engines skyrocketed 14.1% to just over 13 billion searchers. Americans searched online for fast-rising topics like the NCAA Championships, the AIG fiasco and the Watchman movie. Google led the way, posting 9.7 billion queries in March — a 15.4% monthly increase. Look for Google to break the 10

Wake Up and Smell the Roses: 1-800-Flowers Valentine’s Ad Effectiveness

Advertising on the web can be a thorny endeavor.  In the run up to Valentine’s Day, flower retailers all spent big on online advertising.  Compete analyzed‘s Valentine’s Day ad campaigns to measure the sources of greatest impact. Analysis revealed that AOL was the most effective publisher for 1-800-Flowers: consumers reached on AOL were 83% more likely to visit and 141% more likely to purchase than those reached on other

February Search Market Share: Google bounces back from a market share slowdown, but in a down month

With only 28 days, February is typically a low-query month for the leading search engines. This year proved no exception, with query volumes dipping across the board, despite searcher interest in the Oscars and Valentine’s Day. One interesting result of this dip in query volume was that it actually improved Google‘s market share. So while Google’s query volume fell by 1%, its market share actually rose 2.2pts. That move effectively

January Search Market Share: Google share slows while query volume stays strong on Inauguration and Big Game searches

January, 2009 was a big month for the country and the leading search engines, with droves of Americans conducting searches related to the Obama Inauguration and Big Game XLIII. It was an especially interesting month at the top of the search engine rankings, with Google losing a slight slice of market share to Yahoo! and showing signs of a possible slowdown in market share conquest. In and of itself a

"25 Random Things About Me" Tags Facebook with Record Growth

I found an unfamiliar email from Facebook in my inbox last month, "Somebody tagged you in the note 25 Random Things About Me." Clicking through, I found I’d been tagged by a friend in a mini-autobiography about her dream job (writing children’s books) and Kombucha infatuation. Turns out, I was not alone. In January, roughly 4X more people than usual visited the Notes section of Facebook. Nobody knows how it

Online Media & Search Trends 2008

With 2008 officially in the history books, the Online Media and Search team at Compete took a look back at the major trends in Online Media & Search over the past year and made some predictions for 2009. Online Media 2008 View more presentations or upload your own. Based on the daily web usage of more than two million members of the Compete community, Compete calculates and estimates total US-based

December Search Market Share: Holiday Bargain Hunting Supercharges Search, Closes a Year of Google Gains

This past holiday season may have been the worst in years for retailers, but that certainly wasn’t the case for search engines. Across the board, the leading search engines hit record query volume in December as consumers searched again and again for deals in a tight economy. The Top 5 engines grew by a weighted average of 9.4% in December 2008. Yahoo! led the pack, surging 10.8% in a single