Alex Patriquin

With Consumer Interest in Energy Efficiency Rising Online, Some Utilities May Be Missing Out

When Secretary of Energy Stephen Chu visited the Daily Show with John Stewart last week, he couldn’t give Stewart an honorary membership to the National Academy of Sciences, so instead Chu gave Steward a "Nerds of America Society" t-shirt. t Secretary Chu, a Nobel Prize winner who recently joined Facebook, was on Comedy Central boosting the administration’s $60 billion investment in American clean energy and energy efficiency in front of

Yahoo!’s New Homepage Should Lift Engagement and Revenue

Google’s Spartan white homepage took the top spot among publisher homepages in June, with Yahoo!’s a bit behind and Facebook gaining fast. Jockeying amid major publishers has been intense this year, with MSN and AOL making concerted efforts to break their way in and up the ranks. A few months ago we took a look at the relationship between domains and homepages, revealing that a big domain absolutely does not

Progressive Insurance Gets Flo Going with Women Followers

Last week, Compete launched Ad Impact, a new offering that measures the effectiveness of online advertising. We decided to take Ad Impact for a test drive and what better place to start than with an online ad for auto insurance. You may recognize the character above from Progressive‘s peppy TV commercials. The character’s name is Flo and it turns out she has something of a cult following. Flo has her

June Search Market Share: Bing Shines in a Rough June for Search

What does $100 million advertising budget and mountains of PR get you? If you’re Microsoft launching a new search engine, the answer is becoming clearer. In its first month on the job, Bing has raised Microsoft’s search market share by 0.3pts to 6.5%. That might not seem like much, but keep in mind two key points. First, Bing’s major gains came in the last week of June. Microsoft started TV

AOL Seeks to Replicate TMZ’s Success

TMZ, which first broke the story of Michael Jackson’s death, continued to out-reach celebrity gossip rags in covering the superstar’s funereal final curtain yesterday. TMZ was developed in-house at AOL in December, 2005, a few months after AOL acquired Jason Calcanis’ Weblogs, Inc. for $25M. The deal brought several notable blogs like Engadget, Joystiq, TV Squad and Autoblog to the massive audience at, which had 55M UV in June

White Gloves & Thrown Elections: Michael Jackson vs. Iran

We saw how media attention drove Twitter’s share of searchers on the Iran Election to record heights two weeks ago. A barrage of mainstream media and blogosphere chatter swarmed the digerati’s collective consciousness, fusing their favorite techno-democratic phenom with Iranian political discontent. Then the white glove dropped. MJ’s passing sent a megaton shock through the worldwide pop firmament of Planet Earth, rousing memories of Thriller from billions, even the Haters.

With Help from Media, Twitter Overtakes Google as Leading Search Engine for "Iran+Election"

Last week’s craze over Twitter and Iran was the height of media buzzdom. Democracy + social media + possible election fraud = PR Gold. The State Department asking Twitter to delay server maintenance? A former National Security Advisor honcho suggesting Twitter should get the Nobel Prize?! That’s so good, even the craziest novelist couldn’t make it up. But what was really happening in Iran and on Twitter? Some sobering thoughts

Summer Movie Blockbusters Go Big on MySpace

The summer movie blockbuster season is just about here, with major new releases set to hit theaters in the next couple weeks. Studies show that advertising support can break or make a blockbuster in the lead up to opening night. On the web, movie advertisers love big, bold banners on popular movie sites like Yahoo! Movies, Fandango and MySpace. Here at Compete, we’ve got an eye on the MySpace homepage

Bing Attracts New Searchers, But So Far Only For a Trial

Unless you’re completely new to the internet industry, or have been on vacation for the past two weeks, you’ve probably heard a lot about Bing, Microsoft’s slick new search engine. On June 1st, Microsoft officially launched Bing with $100M ad campaign, including TV commercials, and started redirecting traffic from Live Search and vertical search engines like Farecast over to So how’s it going? At first glance, not too bad.

May Search Market Share: Pre-Bing Launch, Sponsored Referrals Dip at MSN/Live

Last month, we posted on how paid clicks (or "sponsored referrals," to be a bit more precise) dropped precipitously on economic concerns and improved targeting. I received a couple of inquiries about what exactly this meant, so I’d like to take a quick minute and explain. First, Compete uses the term "referrals" instead of clicks because we track both queries and referrals. You click your mouse twice when you search:

Mother’s Day Switcheroo: Cross-Shopping Homepage Advertisers

The biggest day of the year for the flower industry is Mother’s Day. As a follow up to our study of Valentine’s Day advertising, we took a look at homepage ads that ran ahead of this crucial holiday, when weekly traffic to major flower retailer sites can shoot up as much as 500%. Once again, and took out full-day banner ads on the, and homepages.