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August Search Market

Last month we took one final look at Yahoo! and Bing as separate engines before we started to report on combined Bing Powered Search metrics.  This month we take a final look at Google before the release of its newest game-changer, otherwise known as Google Instant. What did we see happen in August? Search query volume across the 5 engines increased 2.1% from July to August, with Bing experiencing the

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here are some articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers. Advertising Age explains why Big-Time Brands are now trusting YouTube celebrities in order to gain engagement for their brands!:Meet YouTube’s Most In-Demand Brand Stars Still wondering how to gain more fans to your brands Facebook Page? Search Engine Journal highlights strategies to increase your company’s Facebook Fans: 5 Facebook Fan-Acquisition Strategies You’ve got your Twitter, Facebook

Digital CMO Series: GroupM Search and Compete

At this point, most marketers understand the value of search as a direct response vehicle.  Search marketing is an ideal tool for capturing and converting lower funnel consumers’ intent and transforming that into bottom line action.  However, most marketers do not yet understand the full value of the search marketing platform.  Consumers use search throughout their decision and shopping processes — and opportunities exists for marketers to harness this with

Eight out of Ten Consumers Shop Online at Least Once a Week

Last week, Marketwire released the Compete Online Shopper Intelligence Study that revealed the forming habits of online consumers. The study showed that online shoppers are turning to the social media space as a hub for shopping information, while Twitter and Facebook remain the most popular for the online market. According to the study, 83 percent of consumers are shopping online weekly.

July Search Market

Just last week, the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance rolled out its first big change to the public — Yahoo! organic search results are now driven by Bing’s algorithms in the US and Canada. For every search a consumer conducts on the Yahoo! engine, you will see the small but powerful words at the bottom of each SERP: "Powered by BingTM"". Let’s take a final look at Bing and Yahoo!

How to Find Profitable Keywords with Alex Cohen

Last Tuesday, senior marketing manager at ClickEquations, Alex Cohen, taught us how to discover which words are driving traffic to your competitors sites and which ones drive engagement, as well as how to uncover the real words people use before they click on your text ad and stop irrelevant clicks. His webinar, “Find Profitable Keywords with 2 Unconventional Techniques,” presented viewers with insightful and new information about various ways improve

Getting Into the Groupon Groove

I just paid off last month’s credit card bill, and couldn’t help but notice a slew of new transactions on my wife’s card from "Groupon Inc Chicago." Sure, I know about Groupon, but what I didn’t know was that I’m married to a straight up crazy Groupon addict. In June alone, she managed to gobble up 6 different offers, ranging from tapas to Thai food to day passes at a

Gulf Media Attention Spills Out Weekly

Since it began on April 20th, the tragic Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill has consistently made headlines each week. Whether it is an updated prognosis on the effects of the spill or another failed containment attempt, the media has reserved front-page real estate for the BP spill. On May 11th Compete wrote about the effects of the spill on the reach of target sites, but is the general public still interested?