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As a way of saying thanks for being part of the Compete community on Twitter, Facebook, or Linkedin, we’d like to to give you an exclusive offer. Use the coupon code SAVE30 at checkout to save up to $150 on your first month or $1500 on your first year.* Whether you’re an online marketer interested in competitive intelligence, search analytics, or other digital insights, Compete has the right offering for

Compete Data Shows FIFA World Cup Was an Online Success

Today, Compete announced a press release regarding the successes of the 2010 Fifa World Cup as a U.S. online event. Initially gaining speed in the month of February 2010, U.S. internet users began to increase their interest in the worldwide contest in the following months. As a sport that typically does not see as much attention in the United States, the performance of the U.S. team drove online interest. By

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here are the articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers. AdvertisingAge highlights the best tips on how to have success in the social media space: What Are Social Media Good For? Putting a Face to a Brand DMNews explains how the Golden Nugget casino has gone to new lengths to heighten brand awareness and reach a new audience: Golden Nugget gambles on branded social gaming We

A Brand Blueprint For Marketing On Facebook

In his August post of MediaPost’s Online Metrics Insider, Stephen DiMarco questioned the value of Facebook to a marketer’s campaign, while analyzing Facebook’s ability to measure your own successes as a marketer. Incorporating Facebook into a campaign has become an imperative part of any marketer’s strategy. Company Facebook pages result in community involvement and, ideally, engaged fans. Stephen questions how we can capitalize on the opportunity Facebook presents, since high

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Here are the articles we read this week and found interesting for online marketers. forEntrepreneurs highlights the importance of turning potential clients into paying customers, and how it’s done in with B2B companies: Optimizing your Customer Acquisition Funnel Mashable tells us exactly how to reap the benefits of social media: 10 Steps for Successful Social Media Monitoring Alex Cohen’s SearchEngineWatch article explains the tools necessary for a successful paid search

What're you doing at work all day, bro?

Each day millions of America sit down at their desks to days filled with continuous hard work without end"¦ or maybe they take a break or two.. I recently had a conversation with one of my male friends about his web-surfing habits at work. He told me about a site that is grabbing the attention of the hard working, “office” man — barstoolsports.com. After learning their slogan: "By the common

Upcoming Webinar: Find Profitable Keywords with 2 Unconventional Techniques

Last Thursday, Compete sponsored a very successful and informative webcast by Bryan Eisenberg. Next week, we’re bringing you another free webinar, co-sponsored by ClickEquations. Keywords are the gateway in PPC advertising that connect your business to prospects. But, how do you find keyword niches that are profitable? Tuesday, July 27, 2010 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT, you’ll learn two unconventional keyword research techniques: 1. Competitive Intelligence — Discover which

Compete Releases Top Vacation-Related Web Sites for Summer 2010

Today, Compete released its rankings for summer 2010 top vacation-related web sites. The summer heat seems to be sending people to theme parks, as revealed by our May data. Affordable travel remains popular as vacation packaging sites continue to see more traffic in the summer months. How are people getting around in a cheaper way? According to our data, car rental sites have seen a major increase in traffic, while

Where In The World Is The Compete Team?

As one of the newest members of Compete, joining the office just three weeks ago, I initially thought Compete was just another ordinary company"¦ I soon found out that was hardly the case. One day a year (among many others), the Compete team takes a two hour break from analyzing data, crunching numbers, and working hard in the office, to break into teams of 10 and peruse the streets of

Big Brand Theory: The Expanding Universe Of Online

In his June post of MediaPost’s Online Metrics Insider, Stephen Dimarco gives insight into online branding, exploring what he learned from major brands Kodak, Alaska Airlines, T-Mobile, Microsoft and Proctor & Gamble. Dimarco breaks down the fundamentals of developing online branding, furthering our knowledge of steps necessary to measure our successes. He highlights the five key points he believes drive successful online branding: taking risks, creating a personal experience for

Referral Analytics We Don't Just Make-up

A week after Compete’s release of new the Referral Analytics tool, the internet market continues to buzz with excitement over the latest features and capabilities. The new tool was released in tandem with Compete’s May data, unleashing valuable information that more accurately reflects site traffic and total visits. Through the referral analytics tool, a site owner can delve into the channel map (below) which shows percent visits from the various