Aaron Wall

Aaron Wall: How Long is Your Keyword Tail?

30 Second Review of the Long Tail Due to lowered incremental distribution and delivery costs, the emergence of social filters, and better recommendation algorithms, the future of business is less about selling one key product and more about selling a wide array of products. Chris Anderson refers to this phenomenon as the Long Tail. The Long Tail applies to search because search is a recommendation engine, and keywords act like

Guest Post by Aaron Wall: How to Hire a Dedicated Market Research Firm for $50

I admit it, I am in favor of the small guy. The independent webmaster working exclusively in his underwear. For the tech savvy small guy life just got a lot easier. Why Life Got Easier for the Tech Savvy If you work for and by yourself market research can take days or weeks to perform. Free tools like SEO for Firefox aim to simplify the equation, but most competitive research

Guest Post by Aaron Wall: Why Most Bloggers Need a Day Job to Afford a Cup of Coffee

The Problem Bloggers create large pools of relevant content, and due to the social nature of blogs many bloggers have built up significant trust with search engines. But, as mentioned in Brian Clark’s Teaching Sells report, some bloggers get thousands of visitors a day, but can hardly afford a cup of coffee for their efforts. The big problem with blogging is that there is an echo effect to it, and