Aaron Smolick

Fantasy Football: A Whole New Playing Field

With the NFL regular season right around the corner, I thought I would take a close look at Compete’s fantasy football ‘playbook’ and check out a few big players in the space. The closer I got down to the digital playing field, the more interesting facts started to rise to the surface. Here are few that you might not have known about. With baseball in full swing and football about

Danica Patrick Drives Fans (and Brands) Wild

NASCAR and IndyCar fans haven’t always spoken the same language. According to our data, however, one person is opening doors to both sides – and as a result their brand awareness is getting closer together: Danica Patrick. May marked the midway point of the NASCAR Nationwide Series season and IndyCar ran its marquee event, the Indianapolis 500. With those events driving higher interest, the most logical place to quantify what

Vineyard Vines Hopes You ‘Hoof It’ to the Stores After the Kentucky Derby

The final stretch of the Triple Crown is just around the bend. The Belmont Stakes takes place on June 11th, following some thrilling performances at the Preakness and Kentucky Derby. And one of those performances wasn’t even turned in by a horse; it was Vineyard Vines, which showed its championship marketing and advertising form during the Derby. For many, the Kentucky Derby is THE event to see and even more

NCAA March Madness: Everybody Wins!

NCAA coaches rely heavily on data to build strategies for a March Madness run. They look for tendencies, weaknesses and anything to gain an edge. But even if a team doesn’t make it to the Final Four or win a title, its school still can emerge victorious in other ways. Let’s explore how. Consider two universities that saw dramatic increases in website traffic during last year’s tournament: Butler and Baylor.

The Great Whiskey War

St. Patrick’s Day is a time for celebrating the spirit of the Irish – not to mention the “spirits” of the Irish. While this day unites in Irish solidarity, the accompanying flow of whiskey on March 17th is not without conflict – for March is the month of The Great Whiskey War. At no other time of the year is Irish whiskey more sought after than the weeks leading up

Apple’s Untapped Market: The Two Year Old

Am I crazy for wanting to buy an iPad for my two year old? It doesn’t seem practical, nor does it make financial sense to leave a $500 device to my son the “destructor;” however, I find myself fighting the urge to run to my nearest Apple store – damn you three-story glass spiral staircase. After leaving my iPhone on the coffee table one too many times, my son was

Identity Crisis 2011: Automotive Re-branding During the Big Game

Each year, three product categories seem to garner a larger share of the Big Game’s vaunted ad time; Beer, Snacks and Cars. 2011 was no different for automakers, as ten brands chimed in with a total of nineteen ads, and each spent about $100,000 per second to do so. Identity was the name of the game this time around, with several brands presenting either a reinforcement or complete change of

You Could Buy a Lot of Beer for the Price of One Big Game Commercial

Football fan or not, people get excited for the Big Game. It could be the snacks, the actual game or the commercials, but a record number of viewers are expected to tune into Fox and watch the Green Bay Packers and Pittsburgh Steelers face off on Sunday. Given my marketing background, I’m in it for the commercials. Looking back at last year, two, very funny ads caught my eye. Check

Boston vs. New York: The Ultimate Online Sports Fan Showdown

I recently moved to Boston from the New York metro area to join the Compete team. Along with the well wishes and going away parties, there was a running joke that my family would convert loyalties to the dreaded Boston sports teams. When we arrived in Boston, I was shocked to see the die-hard Boston fans everywhere while Boston media dedicated hours to the teams, the players and the pride

Videos Your Boss Wants You To View At Work

Compete is pleased to announce the Compete Digital CMO Series. Over the next 3 months, Compete will be featuring videos, presentations and digital insights from industry leaders who attended the Compete Digital CMO Summit this past May. The Digital CMO Summit is an annual event that brings together the industry’s top thought leaders and marketing practitioners who are pioneering our digital universe and answering the questions of the next frontier.