Aaron Prebluda

We’re Number Two! Facebook moves up one big spot in the charts

January data just went live on compete.com, and perhaps the biggest story to hit the airwaves is a changing of the guard at the top of the Internet food chain. Indeed, Facebook has surged past Yahoo as the number two most popular site in the U.S., drawing nearly 134 Million Unique Visitors in January, 2010. It’s been two full years since we’ve seen a shakeup at the top — In

Getting The Most Out Of Compete PRO : Keyword Destination Reports

It’s time to get a little bit tactical. On the Compete blog, we talk about data all the time, but very rarely do we actually “show” and not just “tell.” I get pretty fired up about Compete PRO, and the latest enhancements to Search Analytics provide a great excuse to devote an entire post to my favorite Compete PRO report: Keyword Destination. Call it shameless self-promotion, but as far as

Married to Twitter but Not Feeling the Love

Let’s face it. At this point, if you’re not somehow plugged into Twitter, you’re either asleep at the wheel, in complete denial, or my mother. For most people, the allure of real time news, spicy celebrity gossip, and an endless flow of whimsical trivialities from the Twitter pipe is simply irresistible. For marketers, however, Twitter is not all fun and games — especially when dollars, customer relationships, and brand credibility

May Data Highlights: Twitter’s Growth Shows Signs of Fatigue

May’s data is here and it’s hot! It was a big month and the data shows some tell-tale signs that Twitter’s days of monster growth are waning, Microsoft’s $100 million marketing budget for Bing may be paying off, and the sour economy is not negatively impacting summer vacation plans. Twitter Site Visitors Put on the Brakes It had to happen eventually, and May was the month that traffic to Twitter.com

April Data: Spring is in the air — Twitter, Micro-sites, and the Easter Effect

Another month has come and gone, leaving behind a trail of data and some interesting stories around springtime, sports, and social media. What changes did April bring? We dug into the numbers to look at fast moving sites, traffic trends, and some of the biggest stories of 2009 that we’ve been covering. Everybody’s asking about it, so we’ll kick it off with Twitter, an ever-growing presence in the social arena.

March Movers: Spring is in the air, so are Social, Sports, and Skittles

Some big stories in March, and we’ll kick it off with the hottest one of all: Twitter. Sure, lots of buzz about the impact of Twitter as a game changer — everyone from NASA astronauts to NBA players to the hosts of "The View" are out there tweeting up a storm. The result: Unique Visitors to twitter.com were up 76.8% in March, with over 14 Million Americans trafficking to the

March Madness 2009: Battling for B-Ball Bracketologists

U.S. markets may have risen by 15% in the last 3 weeks, but as anyone who works in an office knows, overall employee productivity in late March is pretty pathetic. The primary culprit: the NCAA tournament. Sure, many of our colleagues don’t even bother coming to work, fully accepting their addiction to heart-pounding hoops action, support of their alma maters, and the religious scrutiny of their brackets. Those who don’t

February Fast Movers: Fast Food, Flower Power and a New Leader in Monthly Attention

Compete data from the year’s shortest month tells some interesting tales of love, speed, and the pursuit of sandwiches. Perhaps the biggest story, however, comes at the top. For the first time ever, Facebook overtook the top spot in Monthly Attention (time spent as a percentage of total time spent online by U.S. Internet users), commanding nearly 6% of all time spent online by Americans in the month of February.

Facebook vs. MySpace: Tale of the Tape

Earlier this month, Compete reported that Facebook overtook MySpace in Unique Visitors trafficking to the site: Sure, this was a symbolic takeover, but it should have come as no surprise to anyone closely monitoring the two social giants over the past year. Using a few different Compete PRO Site Analytics reports, I drilled down to take a closer look at trended traffic to understand the key metrics around Facebook’s rise

January Fast Movers: Inauguration, Big Game, and Dieting

What sort of changes did the New Year bring? Using Compete PRO Site Analytics and Ranked List tools, we drilled down to find the sites that showed the fastest growth month over month. Sites related to taxes, the inauguration, and weight loss all showed growth in January. Some additional nuggets: Pepsi’s big splash: Rebranding one of the world’s biggest products is no small challenge, but Pepsi seems to have gotten