Aaron Katz

Compete Releases Ranking of Top 50 Web Sites for August 2010

Consumers Seek Out Retail and Reference Sites, While Map Sites See Declining Traffic BOSTON, MA–(Marketwire – September 22, 2010) – Compete, a Kantar Media company, today released its ranking of the top 50 web sites for August 2010. Notable movements for the month included an uptick in traffic to retail sites, a rise in unique visitors to reference sites and a mysterious decline in traffic to map sites.

Compete Releases Top Museum and Gallery Sites for July 2010

Online Behavior Shows That Museums and the Arts Are Still a Big Part of Summer Fun BOSTON, MA–(Marketwire – September 8, 2010) – Compete, a Kantar Media company, today released its ranking of the top museum and gallery sites for July 2010 based on data from the company’s panel of more than two million US-based internet users. Making History Washington, D.C. is the epicenter for history museums, and summer trips

Search is Integral to Driving a Wave of Cruise Bookings

We’re at the height of the 2010 cruise wave season and there is still time for marketers to squeeze out incremental bookings by tweaking their online strategy. Last week, Compete and Google co-presented a webinar based on a recent study of online cruise shoppers and bookers. Using Compete’s dataset of the online behaviors of 2M US consumers, the study examined the online travel-related behaviors of people who visited a cruise

Flight Fee Cuts Launch Orbitz

In March and April of this year, some of the biggest online travel agencies (OTAs) cut their flight booking fees. The booking fee changes were largely a response to competitive pressures: why would a consumer pay a fee on an OTA site when the same flight is available at the same price on the airline site without a fee? Moreover, Priceline has been operating without flight booking fees since the

The Mass Affluent and the Economy

How bad is the economy and what does that mean for consumer-facing financial firms looking for growth? On the surface, the news isn’t good. 46% of consumers say that their financial situation has deteriorated in the past 12 months. While we would expect wealthier consumers to be faring better than others, the data suggest the relationship is not linear. Consumers with under $25K in total investable assets ("Mass Market") are

State of the Auto Insurance Market: An Interview with Jon Swallen of TNS Media Intelligence

I recently had the opportunity to interview Jon Swallen, SVP of Research for TNS Media Intelligence, about his thoughts on the auto insurance market. Jon has more than 25 years of experience in the media research industry. For the past 5 years, he’s been responsible for mining the TNS-MI database of ad spend activity and extracting insights on key market segments, including auto insurance. Prior to joining TNS-MI, Jon held

Will Progressive Make Green From its Green Sponsorship?

In March, Progressive and the X PRIZE Foundation announced that Progressive is the corporate sponsor for the Automotive X PRIZE (now known as the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE). The Automotive X PRIZE offers $10M to the team that can win a cross-country race in a vehicle with limited emissions while achieving at least 100mpg. It sounds like Progressive is funding the $10M prize, although it’s unclear whether that is

Why You Should Consider Segment-Driven Marketing

Most major advertisers have become pretty good at SEO. So, once you have wrung out all the benefits from search optimization, what’s next? How about targeting your message to the right group of consumers at the right time in the right place? That is the principal behind segment-driven marketing. Compete recently fielded a survey to marketers to see how they are utilizing target segments in their marketing efforts. Overall, the

Boomers May Not Embrace Aging, But Investment Firms Can't Wait

The first of the baby boomers (born 1946-1964) registered for Social Security in October 2007. Over the next two decades, the boomers will retire, and the fight is on for their retirement savings. Financial Services researcher Cerulli Associates projects new IRA rollover contributions will increase from about $300M per year now to over $400M per year in 2012. Over the coming decade or two, there will be trillions of potential