Powerball.com Won the Digital Jackpot

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January was the largest prize amount in Powerball history, and it’s no surprise that we saw a direct impact on powerball.com website traffic. Now I’m not typically one to play Powerball, but I was certainly hooked this time around! In fact, many other people around the country were hooked as well. Despite the odds of winning being 1 in over 292 million, everyone was dreaming of ways to spend the $1.6 billion jackpot. Let’s dig into Compete PRO and see what kind of digital footprint Powerball.com left behind last month.

At first glance, we noticed that several key metrics grew significantly MoM in January. Unique Visitors (UVs) increased 1,047.39% MoM to over 16.6 million. January 2016 alone drew more UVs to Powerball.com than all of 2015 combined. Coinciding with that, when we looked at Average Stay and Attention we saw similar patterns of growth – visitors spent an average of 1:43 longer on the site, over 52% growth, MoM.

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Who is Powerballing?

Diving into some demographic data, January 2016 was an interesting month for Powerball.com. The most dominant age range was 25-34, accounting for over 30% of total site visitors. The next highest group was the 45-54 range, accounting for about 17%. While we noticed an even split when looking at gender, the income breakdowns were the most intriguing. The patterns here showed that the lower the income range was, the higher the site visitation percentage was. The $0-$30K range made up 29% of site visits to Powerball.com while the $100k+ range only made up 19%. The U.S. IBP (internet browsing population) follows just about the opposite pattern.

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Where did all the traffic come from?

With Compete PRO, you can pinpoint exactly where your traffic and engagement are coming from with the detailed Search Referral data, and the Incoming/Outgoing Traffic sources. When examining the top keyword referrals to Powerball.com over the past 90 days, we noticed that a majority of them are branded and related to the drawing and winning numbers. Looking more specifically at some of the long tail keywords – folks were searching for rules on how to play, where to purchase tickets, when the drawing is held, and information on the prize payout. Powerball.com is mainly an information gatekeeper about the lottery program, and was a great source for new Powerball players to do their research.

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Finally, we looked specifically into the incoming traffic sources that drove people to Powerball.com. Direct traffic increased significantly, as expected, but it’s interesting to see some of the other results as well.

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Visits from Facebook.com to the Powerball website increased almost 900% MoM. Similar trends were seen with Youtube.com, Reddit.com, and Twitter.com. The social buzz around the Powerball was significant in January – with various social sharing and news reporting through outlets like Facebook, Twitter, etc. people were on the edge of their seats waiting to see if they were a winner. Unfortunately, it wasn’t me this time around. But there’s always next time. I mean, Wayne Gretzky is probably right – you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

If you don’t already have access to Compete PRO, get started today for full January 2016 data. See what other trends you can uncover from last month!

About Brian Murphy:
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