Using Compete PRO and the Compete API Together


Image from: API / Shutterstock

Millward Brown Digital offers a versatile suite of solutions powered by our industry-leading Compete panel methodology, including our syndicated products Compete PRO and the Compete API. Compete PRO Enterprise allows easy access to consumer behavior data with features like custom dashboards, various export options and quick reporting with Saved Sites or Saved Groups for benchmarking. For more direct access we have the Compete API, which uses the same great data that powers Compete PRO. Combined, these tools can be used to create robust competitive landscape reports or comprehensive internal reporting. Below I’ve outlined a few ways these tools can be used in conjunction to address your data needs.

SEO Insights

SEO is important for maintaining your online competitive edge. Understanding what keywords are being used by your industry to drive traffic is fundamental for knowing which keywords you should be optimizing your site for. Compete PRO can provide a quick view of what keywords are driving traffic to a particular domain. This insight can paint a picture of what’s important (or what should be important) for your brand. On the other hand, the Compete API can provide bulk access to search keywords for the domains that matter to you and automate the process based on what you need to know.

Integrate with your CRM

Have an existing CRM system? Integrating it with the Compete API can help you understand the size and audience make-up of your prospects’ websites to make qualifying leads and setting pricing strategy easy. Compete PRO provides access to our data with built-in charting tools to generate reports as needed for your sales team or reporting managers. The API, on the other hand, can help with lead qualification for your sales team by providing traffic insights for prospective clients.

Get a full-market picture!

Compete PRO is great for C-suite monthly reports, competitive benchmarking and understanding your overall market position and performance. The Compete API can then backfill more competitive groups or power an automated reporting suite to fit your needs. With the Compete API you can also track your brand and domain traffic along with other internal reporting tools — giving you a complete picture of where you stand. The Compete API is a pure data feed that can be used with a charting package of your choice to create internal dashboards.

While Compete PRO acts as a guide and establishes the data you need for a project — the Compete API gives you the flexibility to build that reporting functionality in a way that fits your specific needs.

Contact our team today to get started with Compete PRO, or to start integrating the Compete API into your business.