Are You Getting Mobile Right? (Part II)

Getting Mobile Right

As announced in our post last week, we recently launched our newest study, Getting Mobile Right, to help marketers put mobile to its best use within their overall marketing strategies.

In the study we identified three major questions that marketers are asking to better understand how mobile can propel their brands:

  1. Where and how can we reach consumers on mobile?
  2. How can we engage consumers with mobile advertising?
  3. How can we increase our share of mobile consumer activity?

We explored the first question in last week’s post, so this week we’ll review the second: How can marketers engage consumers with mobile advertising? This question is critical because mobile has proven to be a very effective advertising channel: the average mobile campaign is two to four times more effective than PC-based online media campaigns at impacting brand metrics.

A few different factors contribute to mobile’s effectiveness as a medium, such as:

  • The size of the ad relative to the size of the screen
  • More focused ad copy and content due to size or technology constraints
  • Consumer acceptance of mobile advertising
  • Better targeting

However, this success varies depending on the industry. For example, mobile ads in the CPG space are more than 4 times more effective at impacting message association and over 7 times more effective at impacting purchase intent than online ads.

CPG Norms

But in the Financial Services industry, while mobile is nearly 3 times more effective at impacting purchase intent, it is 2-3 times effective than online at impacting message association and brand favorability.

Financial Services Norms

We know that the synergy between developing the right creative and making smart media decisions is key to successful mobile advertising campaigns. It’s important for marketers to understand how to target their creative efficiently, in a way that best supports the usage and expectations of consumers in their industry, in order to have the biggest impact on their brands.

Learn more about what your brand needs to do to get mobile right by downloading the full study here.

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About Katie Hrdy:
Katie is currently Associate Product Marketing Manager at Millward Brown Digital. She is a graduate of the MBA program at Northeastern University and spends her days developing marketing materials, providing product launch support, and generating thought leadership. Connect with her on Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn.