Are You Getting Mobile Right? (Part I)

Getting Mobile Right

Did you know that mobile now surpasses TV as the most-used screen among multiscreen audiences? If it wasn’t clear already, this confirms that mobile is a key component to a successful digital strategy and to a holistic consumer-driven strategy overall. To help marketers better understand how to utilize mobile’s strengths as a marketing platform, today we released Getting Mobile Right, a follow-up to our earlier Getting Digital Right study.

In the study we identified three major questions that marketers are asking to better understand how mobile can propel their brand:

  1. Where and how can we reach consumers on mobile?
  2. How can we engage consumers with mobile advertising?
  3. How can we increase their share of mobile consumer activity?

Today we’ll explore the first question: Where and how can we reach consumers on mobile devices? Consumers have many different channels to choose from when researching and shopping online, so no matter whether your goal is to drive awareness, consideration, or purchase, it’s tough to determine which consumer touchpoints to invest in to achieve the best result.

One example of this is in the mobile app vs. browser debate: Should you invest time and budget in an app or an optimized mobile browsing experience? The short answer for ecommerce brands is both. The majority of consumers use both apps and browsers when mobile shopping. And importantly, 72% of consumers who use shopping apps have fewer than five of them installed on their phones.


Fierce competition for shopping app real estate raises the bar for the quality of in-app consumer experience needed to make the short list and increases the need for brand websites to be found through mobile search. Ultimately, this means that apps, mobile websites, and mobile search strategies need to work together seamlessly for a best-in-class mobile user experience.

Learn more about what your brand needs to do to get mobile right by downloading the full study here.

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About Katie Hrdy:
Katie is currently Associate Product Marketing Manager at Millward Brown Digital. She is a graduate of the MBA program at Northeastern University and spends her days developing marketing materials, providing product launch support, and generating thought leadership. Connect with her on Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn.