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Happy National Simplify Your Life Week! We hope that some of our favorite articles from last week will help you do just that. The following five articles are filled with information, tips, and tricks to help your digital marketing, to put it simply, win the internet.

7 Myths You Shouldn’t Believe About Email Marketing [Infographic]

We’re constantly being reminded that email marketing isn’t dead, but it makes sense that people might think it’s outdated given that email is one of the oldest digital marketing tools. Through the years we have heard so much advice about how to manage this element of marketing, some of it sage, some of it nonsense. With all the information coming your way, it’s increasingly difficult to detect the true from false. This Hubspot article, featuring an infographic by Alchemy Worx, will show you what to believe and what to dismiss. Increase your open rate by debunking these popular myths here.

7 Lies About SEO You Probably Believe

As is the case with email marketing, there’s a ton of misinformation on the internet about SEO. This article by Quick Sprout helps you weed through inaccurate information and commonly held misconceptions. Learn what to do, what to ignore, and how to navigate those pesky algorithms here.

Top Social Media Blunders of 2014 and What You Can Learn from Them

If at any time during the past year you’ve felt like your social media hit a snag, this article will make you feel a whole lot better. These massive social media catastrophes from the first half of 2014 should help to put things in perspective. Featuring incidents of an accidental NSFW image, a hashtag campaign gone awry, and an Instagram that led to international outcry, this article by Click Fire should serve as a comforting reality check as well as a collection of cautionary tales.

30% of Traffic to Insurance Sites Came from Search in June

Most people are familiar with the TV advertising campaigns of leading auto insurance companies, but the digital marketing behind the companies that bring us the gecko, mayhem, and Flo, are lesser known. This article by Search Engine Watch discusses how the competition continues on the search results pages. Learn about the rivalries here, and check out an article by our VP of Financial Services, Retail and Consumer Products Practices on the topic as well.

The Latest LinkedIn Features You Should Start Using Today

LinkedIn has some brand new upgrades! And the good people at Forbes want to teach you all about them. In this article, they highlight what the new features are, take you through how to best use them, and explain how utilizing these new features will optimize the effectiveness of your branding. Check it out to learn how to take your online professional network to the next level.

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A senior at Northeastern University, Laura is excited to join the MBD Digital Marketing team as the Social Media Co-op. She appreciates ironic hashtags, the Valencia Instagram filter, and lengthy discussion on the legitimacy of astrology. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.