The Weekly Compete Pulse


Lots of variety in this week’s Weekly Pulse! If you missed any of our favorite articles this week, check them out below to stay up-to-date on all things digital marketing!

Infographic: A “Christmas in July” Digital Marketing Checklist

Happy Holidays! Too early, you say? Not for digital marketers. This cheery infographic by Marketing Land takes you through a six-month action plan so you can be fully prepared come the winter season. These comprehensive, easy-to-follow steps will have you feeling so equipped for the holidays, you’ll think you had a couple dozen elves working for you too.

LinkedIn Revamps Its User Profiles to Help You Increase Your Business Contacts

LinkedIn has firmly established itself as the go-to networking site for professionals. Now, with their improved mobile visuals, they’re making it even easier to get connected. This article by The Next Web takes you through the updates to the site so you know exactly what to expect. Heads up: if you’re not loving your picture, it might be time for a photo shoot; it looks like a lot more people could be seeing your face on their phones in the near future.

5 Things Digital CMOs Do Better

Providing a discussion of the changing times, and a well-served ego boost for digital CMOs, this piece by Harvard Business Review dives into what it means to work in digital marketing in 2014. It highlights the major shifts in the industry that digital CMOs have had to master and provides with some particularly successful executions of new techniques to get you inspired. So digital CMOs, check out this article, make sure you’re up to speed, and give yourself a pat on the back for all those digital skills.

Publisher’s Brand Value: The Effect on Potential Advertisers?

How much do you know about brand value? How about what brand value means for digital marketers? Well, whether it’s a ton or not much at all, our study on the topic should provide you with some cutting-edge insight. Check out this article by Media Post to read about our conclusions.

Mastering Marketing Via Email Techniques With These Simple Ideas

Email marketing is very much alive! And it can be an extremely successful instrument for your brand if used correctly. With helpful tips and guidelines, a crash course on email marketing etiquette, and ways to avoid being labeled as spam, this article by Cory Threlfall gives you all the tools you need to personalize your email campaigns and rock that inbox.

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