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Have you seen the video of Charlie the dog apologizing to an infant for taking away her toy? Well, it’s awesome, and it’s gone viral. The video got massive attention on Facebook and Twitter this week, proving yet again the power of the retweet.

Last week social media didn’t get a ton of love, so today’s Weekly Pulse includes three of our favorite articles on how to develop your social media marketing plan. Pair that with new findings concerning the “digital generation gap” and some insight on the CEO-SEO dynamic, and this edition of the Weekly Pulse will have you feeling like the savviest digital marketer on the web.

Social Media…

How To Create a Social Media Marketing Plan from Scratch

If you’re just beginning the process of developing a social media marketing plan, this article is your gospel. It’s one of the most detailed and comprehensive pieces on social media that we’ve ever read. Buffer provides you with crucial information for success and doles out some tips that there’s just no way you could have come up with on your own. They break everything down into simple steps so you can overcome your anxiety and your brand can make some digital friends.

8 Essential Elements of a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Examiner provides another phenomenal overview on developing your social media marketing strategy. They more so emphasize the implications that your social media presence has for your brand as a whole. Hashtag collaboration! Their article will help you understand what to include in your marketing strategy so that it is cohesive with your ideal image. If you want to make sure your branding stays consistent, check it out and get your digital ducks in a row.

25 Ideas for Your Social Media Network Strategy wants to help you achieve marketing success in 140 or fewer characters. They argue that developing an audience should be your foremost goal and show you how to do so in the fastest way possible—on Twitter. Whether you’re just starting out on Twitter, or you’ve been hashtagging for years, this article can provide you with a plethora of ideas to step up your Twitter game and build an enviable audience.

…and more

7 Misconceptions CEOs Have About SEO

Vintage is trendy, but it’s not trending. Unfortunately, that’s likely the type of knowledge your CEO is hanging onto about SEO. He has a company to run, so chances are he’s not the most up-to-date on those algorithms. This article by Search Engine Journal shines a light on the epidemic that is the underinformed CEO. You might not transform him into a SEO guru overnight, but this article will help you understand what you need to communicate to benefit the company that he loves.

Digital Generation Gap

So obviously we’re all aware that people who are 20 use technology differently than people who are 60, but in terms of concrete, researched evidence to support this claim, there’s shockingly little. Cue TECHnalysis Research. They conducted a survey on how varying age groups use mobile vs PC. Check out their results so that you know how to appeal to both the Justin Bieber fans and Sean Connery aficionados of the world.

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