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We kicked off this week on a great note—Sunday was national “Embrace Your Geekness Day.” Over here at Millward Brown Digital, we were happy to oblige. Lots of articles this week were all about email and content marketing. Geek out with us over some of our favorites:

The Laws That Govern Email Marketing: How Many Are You Breaking?

Believe it or not, email marketing has quite a few intense laws that come along with it. If you’re not careful, you may need to budget about sixteen grand for your next campaign. And that’s just for the fees—it doesn’t take into account the financial loss you’ll incur from jeopardizing your relationship with your client base, or worse, from a lawsuit. IM Soup will catch you up on laws regarding database, identity, subject lines, and other aspects of email marketing that you may have never considered. CYA here.

What Is a Decent Email Marketing Response Rate?

Only one fifth of your recipients opened your email and you’re feeling insecure? Well, you’re in good company. Econsultancy breaks down email marketing stats in this article so you can see how you stack up. It takes you through various rates and forms of measurement and lets you in on third party data. Pair that with a sleek infographic and you can consider yourself informed.

Why to Choose Email Marketing for Business Success?

We’re not saying they aren’t biased, but Email Marketing Gold makes a solid pitch for why you should focus your efforts toward email marketing. They take you through all the advantages of these campaigns: effective promotion, flexibility, real-time tracking etc, and we have to say that we’re sold. Witness all email marketing has to offer here.

Millennials Are Not Impressed with Your Content Marketing

Millennials live on social media, and they’re more than happy to share your brand through their personal channels, but only so long as they feel you’re being earnest. This article by NewsCred teaches you how to make your content marketing appeal to a generation that will certainly make you work for their affection, but who has the ability to take your branding viral.

Top Tools to Elevate Your Content Marketing Strategy

If you find yourself understandably overwhelmed by the intricacy of content marketing, you can breathe again. There are dozens of tools at your fingertips, and 3C SEO wants you to know about them. Check out this infographic filled with awesome tool suggestions for every aspect of your content marketing strategy. They all should make your life easier, just try not to get overwhelmed from all there is to choose from.

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A senior at Northeastern University, Laura is excited to join the MBD Digital Marketing team as the Social Media Co-op. She appreciates ironic hashtags, the Valencia Instagram filter, and lengthy discussion on the legitimacy of astrology. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.