The Weekly Compete Pulse


This Fourth of July weekend brings you some of our favorite articles from the web, on topics like social analytics and rising digital trends. You’ll certainly learn a lot from these pieces, so read on and find out more!

Understand Google Analytics Metrics for Social Analytics

With great content comes great responsibility… to maintain corresponding social accounts, at least!  But how do you keep track of your progress, or the impact your social media presence has on your content? Through analytics, of course – and Google Analytics has metrics to help you sort out your social media. Read this article from Business 2 Community to see how metrics from Google Analytics can give you better insights into your social performance.

Digital Transformation and the High Performance Enterprise

Change is inevitable, and change will be primarily digital. So how might large organizations see these effects? ZDNet looks at a variety of research conducted by MIT, Accenture, Oxford Economics, and PwC to track different aspects of this transformation. The informative charts and explanations help you see how the digital transformation trend can potentially yield real business benefits – so learn more here.

3 Social Media Rules Most Entrepreneurs Don’t Follow

Social media, perhaps the most direct and rapid touchpoint between you and your customer, is becoming increasingly delicate for that reason. There are important things you must do besides publishing brand content – you have to manage your engagement well (or risk social media blunders)! These three tips from Entrepreneur Magazine explore a variety of ways to refine your touch with your audience and to satisfy social-media-savvy clientele. Read more at their website!

10 Brands that Brilliantly Differentiated Themselves from the Competition

A company’s brand is (almost) everything. A strong brand should be the core of a company’s identity – but following up with digital superiority is paramount. Hubspot outlines 10 different brands from a wide variety of industries to show you examples of companies that totally nail their brand + digital strategy, so head on over to take a look at those who are getting digital right! Here’s a hint: a lot of bonus points go to websites with clean and effective UX.

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