Monthly Archives: June 2014

Cards Against Marketing: Play Along With Us!

In early April, our marketing team convened to hunt down marketing buzzwords and create hilarious, marketing-themed prompts for our own version of Cards Against Humanity. Join us on Friday, June 27 and play along via social!

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Big Data and analytics dominated the top stories our followers responded to! Take a look at this week’s round-up and learn more about how Big Data helps you.

Getting Digital Right with Rob Norman

This past April, Millward Brown Digital hosted the eleventh annual Digital CMO Summit in Miami, FL. Over the next few weeks we plan to share with you the one-on-one video interviews with select speakers and attendees.

Mercedes Going Down : Millward Brown Digital Original Research

Millward Brown Digital used its automotive behavioral analytics to evaluate Mercedes’ CLA launch based on success generating demand and converting that into sales, as well as interplay with C Class.