The Weekly Compete Pulse


Another week has gone by and we can now officially say it’s summer! Enjoy these top-favorited articles from our feeds from a selection of pieces on the future of marketing and the potential within the digital marketing sphere.

Putting Programmatic in Context

This article from MediaPost highlights a potential missing piece as the industry moves full speed toward programmatic audience-based buying –our recent study look at how publishers can evaluate and grow their brand. The topic du jour is how programmatic ad buying isn’t always optimized based on place or context – and gives some considerations on how to improve. The research looked at 44 sites in 5 industry categories, then gave each a “Brand Score” based on select criteria. Want to learn more? Read more in the article here or check out our upcoming webinar on July 9!

The Internet of Things: Unlocking the Marketing Potential

The Guardian’s Media Network brings us an interesting piece on the Internet of Things — and its implications for the marketing world. More devices connected to the grid certainly means more information. The news giant, then, explores how marketers might work with the great potential in this new field. With speculations and examples, this article lets you see just how marketing could play a part. Read more here! 

Pinterest Launches First Paid Ads with Kraft, Gap, and Others

Ads on social media networks are no new concept — but it’s always big news when a social site begins selling ads. Pinterest, the image-focused lifestyle network, is said to be taking a ‘consultative approach’ to their ad sales. With plenty of space in the food or retail/fashion sectors, it’ll be interesting to see how Pinterest’s advertising develops and how companies make the most of it. Read more at AdAge!

The New Science of Marketing

Bloomberg Businessweek brings us an intriguing piece on the new marketing process, specifically in reference to the mass of data marketers have at their fingertips. Big Data has certainly changed the marketing and information dynamic, but that doesn’t mean marketing strategy is less important than the data it works with! The playing field and the game are simply newer and even more digitized. The five points in the article explain the ways that new marketing works as a science — learn more here! 

Why a Milk Bottle Can Be a Powerful Marketing Tool

This article from AdAge explores the psychological connection the consumers make with milk. Yes, milk. Taking a look at the usage of a bottle of milk in a variety of advertisements (from companies ranging from the food industry to more ‘unrelated’ industries), Al Ries questions whether there’s a real power in having milk in your marketing. It’s a rather interesting read, so check it out here!


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