The Weekly Compete Pulse


This week’s round-up of interesting and popular digital marketing articles centers around two themes: progress & adaptation, and ROI. Learn more about the spaces in which digital marketing can grow, then about how ROI can be bolstered with different strategies!

There’s No “I Didn’t Sign Up for This” in Digital Marketing

Digital is an ever-evolving part of marketing – and like anything else in life, we’re forced to adapt. It may not be fun, and it will come unexpectedly, but all marketers face a time when they need to accept the changing times and run with it. This article from MarketingLand observes this dynamic within the digital marketing industry – and argues that our best bet is to step up to the plate, acquire new skills, and fully embrace the changes that come our way. It’s a great piece – check it out here!

Marketing Automation Still “Crossing the Chasm”

Those in the tech/digital fields likely have some sort of interaction with marketing automation programs. It’s second nature – it’s digital! But even with over 70 players in marketing automation, the field actually has yet to cross the chasm and truly penetrate the larger consumer market. Despite all the hype over the latest offerings, the overall market doesn’t harness the power of marketing automation. Read more about how this hyper-growing category can reach more at VentureBeat!

How Twitter’s New Website Remarketing Can Boost Your PR ROI

ROI is the real concern of marketers everywhere – but even more challenging is measuring that of the top of the funnel. So how do you increase the ROI of your PR campaigns? Shift Communications tells us that it’s through Twitter’s new website remarketing. Marketers need to take as many consumers through the funnel as they can, but that can be hard if a landing page gets many clicks but not many signups. Remarketing helps them double back and contact people who dropped by – helping to increase middle-of-the-funnel action. Read more at Shift’s Communications’ blog!

8 Social Media Advertising Tips to Boost Your ROI

It’s another ROI article this week, this time from Forbes. Social media is a hot topic in marketing circles because it seems so easy – but actually requires careful strategy, paid campaigns, and an in-sync team. How do you use social media (top of the funnel) to boost your ROI? Read this article – it gives you 8 careful tips on improving your social strategy that will best benefit your organization. It’s well-written and simple, but the learning opportunity is great.

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