Getting Digital Right with Jeffrey Graham


This past April, Millward Brown Digital hosted the eleventh annual Digital CMO Summit in Miami, FL. The event brought together 200 industry leaders for three days of hard-hitting sessions and networking opportunities. The agenda was jam-packed with top-notch speakers who shared their perspectives on this year’s theme, #GettingDigitalRight. Over the next few weeks we plan to share with you the one-on-one video interviews with select speakers and attendees.

In this video, hear from Jeffrey Graham on the importance of Getting Social Media Right…

 “Getting Digital Right is first recognizing changes in consumer behavior and aligning brand behavior to that.”

There are a lot of challenges along the way but it starts with insight and getting a new and clear perspective on where consumers are today. Twitter is seen as a bridge and not an island – it’s a bridge among consumers – a bridge through different media – and a bridge from media to brands.  A recent study we did with Twitter revealed the platform is very much a bridge for consumers among media and more specifically, as they watch television. The study compared the impact of TV ads among people who watched TV with and without Twitter.

We found that viewers watching TV without a second-screen had an average TV ad recall of 40%. But among those using Twitter, ad recall was significantly higher: 53%. These viewers were also 13% more likely to discuss shows and 3% more likely to recommend programs, making TV x Twitter a win/win for advertisers and networks alike.

Our research also demonstrated a difference in the ability for a TV spot to help build a brand. We found that the impact of a TV commercial, as measured by a lift in brand favorability (the likelihood for a viewer to rate a brand ‘excellent’ on a five-point scale) was 7%. Among those viewers who were also tweeting, the lift was 18%. The lift in purchase intent was also higher among those tweeting: 30% compared to 16% in the TV-only group. The study demonstrates a dedication for measurement and providing brand impact for marketers by Twitter.

In the video, Jeffrey reiterates this commitment to measurement and results, “Every platform should be held accountable to business results. Twitter measures impact against sales, impact against brand lift, and return on investment. It is appropriate for marketers to ask how does this investment impact my bottom line and it’s our job in the media industry to answer those questions appropriately.”

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About Kristen Luongo:
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