The Weekly Compete Pulse


Big Data and analytics dominated the top stories our followers responded to! Take a look at this week’s round-up and learn more about how Big Data helps you.

Top 4 Mistakes that are Destroying Your Analytics

With Big Data comes analytics. And as confusing as Big Data can be, harnessing its power with analytics can be even harder. One popular tool is Google Analytics, which looks at website metrics. Do you really know how to effectively use it? Make sure you’re not making these four mistakes. Learn more about the most common mistakes here.

Data-Driven Digital Marketing Triples Conversion Rates

Digital should be at the forefront of your marketing strategy. Why? This article from VentureBeat explains why. The world is becoming increasingly digital and failure to adapt is not an option. Nevertheless, it’s important to understand exactly why and how digital fits into your strategy and how it benefits you — so that you can make the best decisions. Read more here!

Time For Brands to Build Their Own Social Sites

In an AdWeek opinion piece, Kevin Bobowski argues that brands need to take control over the social sphere — as opposed to letting current social giants dominate the landscape. It’s an interesting read (the comments as well), and our followers did find it intriguing! Follow the conversation and see whether you agree here.

How to Design a Social Media Campaign

The Social Media Examiner, one of the strongest authorities on social media strategy, gives us a great post on how to construct your social campaign. We all know that social’s hard to harness — so hopefully this set of tasks will help you figure out how to best navigate murky waters. Examples and easy-to-follow instructions make for a great piece, here on their website.

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