The Weekly Compete Pulse


This week’s roundup features a number of interesting, insightful articles on a wider range of topics than usual. Read up on this diverse bunch in this post!

Why Most People’s Charts and Graphs look like Crap

Hubspot brings us an interesting and visually educational article this week, on the top data visualization mistakes! From misordered pie charts to little tips and tricks, read up on proper chart-making technique to ensure that your visual representations aren’t misleading. The article is quite thorough and provides many unexpectedways to improve your charts and graphs. Follow this link to start fixing up your visuals!

‘Genericide’: Brands Destroyed by their Own Success

What happens when your brand becomes too big — is it possible? It certainly is. This piece from the BBC examines “genericide,” or when a brand becomes so popular that it can be substituted for the general product (as such, other brands can hijack their label). Think Kleenex, Hoover, and the like — in colloquial speak, such brand names often stand-in for the generic noun (tissues and vacuum cleaners). How exactly is this detrimental to the brand? Read more and find out.

Big Data’s Big Meaning for Marketing

Big data in marketing is unavoidable. But the biggest issue marketers have is determining how to approach it! This article from Forbes offers a few points to bear in mind. From practical tips to big thinking, the insights gleaned from this piece should certainly help you frame your thinking and feel more confident in your big data approach. Hop on over to the Forbes link, and also read up on the reports conducted by the author!

Organic Social Media: Why Marketers Must Join the Conversations

On the marketing side of social, countless dollars are put into paid promotions across a variety of popular channels. We’d all love to have superb organic reach, with lively and engaged followers and fans. So how do we join in on the conversation and start increasing organic social media interest? This article from Search Engine Watch pulls from a number of data sources to explain the current state of brands’ organic social media, then offers a few great tips to get marketers started.

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