The Weekly Compete Pulse


Just like all the beautiful spring foliage, the marketing sphere is growing! It’s moving so quickly, in fact, that we’ve got a few 2015-focused articles for you. Read up on how to improve your digital marketing strategy in these future-forward stories from the web.

21 Digital Marketing Trends and Predictions for 2015

TopRank Online Marketing lays down the law in the first sentence of this piece: “the only constant is change.” As digital grows, marketers need to learn how to navigate new waters! Tips and predictions from industry leaders give us a glimpse into the future. Read more here, and start making decisions to #GetDigitalRight!

Say Hello to the Content Marketing Stack

Big companies have a lot more to offer, simply based on size. In a digital world that’s becoming increasingly saturated by new companies and startups, you’ll need know how to pick a program(s) that work for you? The first step is understanding the new concept of content marketing stacks — product suites to help with all content-related tasks. Could this be what you seek? Learn more from MarketingLand!

The 2015 Influencer Marketing Playbook: 5 Plays you Need to Know

Here’s another piece focused on 2015. Influencers can be an extremely effective part of your marketing strategy, if done right. Read this analysis of headphone company SOL REPUBLIC’s influencer successes — it’s definitely an interesting read involving Michael Phelps, Deadmau5, and the internet’s favorite: cats. See all five strategies here!

20 Social Media Tips to Rule in 2014

There’s a never-ending slew of social media tips, mostly because getting social right remains an important concern for businesses (connecting with your consumers is easier, but also more delicate than ever before). Here’s a great compilation of smart, sensible tips to help you harness this power! View the full list here.

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A Political Science/International Affairs sophomore at Northeastern University, Johanna joins Millward Brown Digital as the spring '14 Digital Marketing Co-op. Apart from her interest in digital infrastructure and her majors; Johanna enjoys absurd quantities of imported coffee, haggling for cheap flights, and constantly editing her website. Find her on Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.