The Weekly Compete Pulse


Another week has gone by, and it’s time for another great round-up of digital marketing articles! Read on to learn what our followers and we found most interesting.

Ten Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help Justify your Budget

We all know mobile is the new frontier (but not the final one). It’s scary and marks a field doused in more uncertainty than desktop or TV — and we still have questions about that, too! So how do you justify your research and mobile efforts, for yourself or for vendors? With knowledge. Look into these statistics to understand how the mobile landscape should be a priority for you. Head on over to the Next Web’s website to read more!

What the New Facebook Audience Network May Mean for Paid Marketing

In more mobile news, Facebook just announced their mobile ad platform. What does this mean for you? Social Media Today raises a few points that will prove beneficial in your Facebook-specific mobile marketing strategy. The implications, both good and bad, are listed out and carefully explained. Read Waseem Kasaf’s article here!

How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

Digital marketing is a big, big category. There are many cogs that make the entire machine work (ie, SEO, PPC, social, mobile, etc). You must look for general specialists, as they’ll know how all the parts fit together while excelling at their primary task. The Search Engine Watch provides a detailed and concise study of the digital marketing job environment that will certainly enlighten you. Close your talent gap after reading these great tips here!

These Fresh Twitter Features will Boost your ROI

Engaging with followers and consumers on Twitter shouldn’t be difficult. Take these strategies that work and will help you navigate murky social waters. The tips themselves are simple and come with pedantic explanations as to why they’ll make your Twitter efforts successful! Reap the ROI benefits after implementing these great tips from HipLogiq’s Adam Root. See his article here!

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