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The Weekly Compete Pulse

This week’s roundup features a number of interesting, insightful articles on a wider range of topics than usual. Read up on this diverse bunch in this post!

Whole Foods, Whole Marketing: Getting Digital Right

As a part of Millward Brown, we believe that a company’s brand should be at its core – and as Millward Brown Digital, we want brand strategy and digital execution to be in tandem. So what about the most iconic grocer in an ever-growing healthy-eating subculture?

The Weekly Compete Pulse

We’re back with another selection of top marketing and data stories from the web! With a mix of thought shifts, most valuable brands, and spot-on predictions, this week’s round-up is one you’ll learn a lot from.

How Songza Gets Heard: Getting Digital Right

The search for the perfect (online) DJ is on. This week, I’m investigating how Songza, a carefully curated online music streaming site, gets digital right.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Just like all the beautiful spring foliage, the marketing sphere is growing! It’s moving so quickly, in fact, that we’ve got a few 2015-focused articles for you. Read up on how to improve your digital marketing strategy in these future-forward stories from the web.

April’s Top 50: Pinning, Saving, and Posting to Instagram

April data is live, and with it comes the monthly Top 50 post! Which sites made the cut, and which of these can walk away smiling? Read on and find out.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Another week has gone by, and it’s time for another great round-up of digital marketing articles! Read on to learn what our followers and we found most interesting. Ten Mobile Marketing Statistics to Help Justify your Budget We all know mobile is the new frontier (but not the final one). It’s scary and marks a field doused in more uncertainty than desktop or TV — and we still have questions

April Data is Now Live –,, and More

We’re excited in Boston as spring seems to have finally set in; the weather is warming and people are out on the sidewalks enjoying the milder air. Now that it’s May, April data is live and available in Compete PRO. Before we dive into the Fast Movers for the month, I’d like to take this opportunity to congratulate the recently announced winners of our Compete PRO success stories contest.

So You Want to Get into the Luxury Market?

Over the past 12 months Kia has entered the US luxury market with not one but two new models, the Cadenza launched in June 2013 and the K900 in February. While reaching sales goals is one measure of success, another important one is enhancing Kia’s brand opinion among in-market intenders, which if successful should benefit all Kia models.

Digital CMO Summit Highlights

This April, Millward Brown Digital hosted the eleventh annual Digital CMO Summit in Miami, FL. The Digital CMO Summit brings together 200 senior level marketers from brands, agencies and media companies for three days of learning and networking.

The Weekly Compete Pulse

Another week has gone by and given us great content! Check out the articles that our followers resonated with most and see how they can help your content and social campaigns.