The Weekly Compete Pulse


This week yielded an interesting mix of articles from all over the web. Here’s a round-up of the stories our followers and we liked best!

Boston Marathon Bombings: Making Sense of the Social Media Blitz

This past Monday was a highly successful marathon for Boston, following the tragic bombings at last year’s finish line. TIME’s Jonathan Fitzgerald revisits the way news traveled through social media as the first rough draft of history. It’s an intriguing exploration into the way our digital world works! Read the full article at this link. 

What will Social Media’s Giants Look Like in 5 or 10 Years?

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google — otherwise known as the must-have social media accounts for every business — are all know for different functions. Each must adapt to the new social climate. But where might the future take each of these companies? This Fortune article delves deeper and gives an interesting look into where the Big Four may expand. Read and find out more here!  

Should You Focus on SEO or Pay-Per-Click Marketing?

Enterpreneur Magazine’s Jonathan Long discusses the question every entrepreneur faces in regards to site visitors, then compares the two strongest traffic sources. In a simple, effective article, he outlines the various pros and cons to both so that you can determine the best mix of the two for your own business. Find out what strategies you need to employ to gain more site traffic here.

The 2014 Digital CMO Summit Recap

It’s always fun to see our followers responding well to our own content — and this week we discovered that they really picked up on the insights and recap of our annual Digital CMO Summit! With links to decks from various panels, this site lets attendees re-live the inspirational learning. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Follow this link to see what we learned at the summit.

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