Getting Digital Right: The Full Study


The Fountain of Youth. Extraterrestrial life. Marketing nirvana. These are a few of the ever-elusive miracles that mankind has always sought after. But what if we said that Millward Brown Digital can help you achieve marketing nirvana?

You’d better believe it!

After conducting a study with top marketing executives, we identified pain points that plague marketers today as they navigate increasingly digital waters. We then matched our solutions and insights to help solve these issues, all around our core purpose of getting digital right.

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Behavioral Data

If you keep track of us on social, you’ll know that we’ve been promoting industry colleagues for their own digital successes, as well as pointing out suggestions for refining your strategy. Our handy infographic helps you understand the pain points and rethink marketing — and our annual Digital CMO Summit offered innovative research, insights, and thought leadership on how to move business forward!

After all that excitement, it’s finally time to release the full study on #GettingDigitalRight. You can download it here and get started on your own path marketing nirvana! Don’t let the increasingly digital landscape confuse you. The time to get it right is right now.

Join our webinar on Wednesday, June 4 at 2pm! Follow this link for more information and registration.

About Johanna Gunawan:
A Political Science/International Affairs sophomore at Northeastern University, Johanna joins Millward Brown Digital as the spring '14 Digital Marketing Co-op. Apart from her interest in digital infrastructure and her majors; Johanna enjoys absurd quantities of imported coffee, haggling for cheap flights, and constantly editing her website. Find her on Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn.