Sunday Series: Theme Parks’ Not-So-Smooth Ride

Theme Park

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This week’s mention for March fast movers is hopefully one that will have you thinking about summer vacation. Read up on why the Theme Park category made its way to the top — but also how a variety of reasons can impact online traffic.

March marks the ideal time to start building summer travel itineraries, so it’s understandable that all of the top ten sites saw month-over-month growth in unique visitors.

More intriguing is the category’s performance year-over-year, as several of the top ten actually saw YoY declines in unique visitor count. SeaWorld’s websites are especially interesting — only the SeaWorld brand-specific landing page saw YoY growth, while their parent company’s and buschgardens.comsaw losses in unique visitors.

Why might that be?

Following the July 2013 release of “Blackfish” (a documentary against killer whale captivity), the theme park has been fighting to maintain a good reputation. But March saw a follow-up from a California bill to end orca captivity — and it’s likely that bad press is also feeding into SeaWorld’s MoM and YoY growth.

However, understanding web traffic is also important when following triumphs! sees strong MoM and YoY unique visitor increases for March — one month after the blockbuster release of the Lego Movie and the park’s new display of the official film set, now in Legoland California.

It’s imperative that companies look at behavioral data to see what brings consumers to their webpage. The numbers may be growing, but more information tells whether that’s good or bad.

Theme Parks Fast Movers March 2014

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