The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

It’s been a weird week for our Boston office, with snow returning for a day. But not to fear! Like postmen (you know, neither rain, snow, sleet, etc), very few things will stop us from reporting the most interesting digital marketing tidbits.

Here’s a round-up of the articles our followers (and we) liked most — enjoy!

If a Picture is Worth 1000 Words, What’s the Value of a Video in Marketing?

SocialMouths brings us a great read on the importance of video content in your marketing strategy. So why should you start filming? There are three major reasons outlined in the piece: it adds another fancy ingredient to your marketing mix, customers want to speak to a human face, and video gives you considerable amount of creative freedom. Read more and find some tips on how to rethink your video strategy here!

Authority Means More than Popularity for Your Content

This article by Ted Karczewski at the Skyword blog is part of their weekly SEO tip series. Who doesn’t love free advice? This week’s post discusses search algorithms and what this means for content marketers. Influencers, obviously, have more clout than most — but you’ll want to make sure that the content you put out is of quality and not just popularity (which often comes from virality). Check out the tips in further detail at this link.

Content Marketing is a Long-Term Commitment, Not a Campaign

Forbes Magazine contributor John Hall zones in directly on the question of “how many times a consumer must be exposed to an ad before his behavior changes?” to define what content marketing should mean to a business. Interestingly enough, this ties in perfectly with the previous article — a commitment to quality and longevity should be of the utmost importance to a content marketer. Patience in building a reputation will go a much longer way than rapidfire attention in a temporary campaign. Check out other examples at!

Why Winging Social Media Won’t Cut It Anymore

The general theme with this week’s top articles seems to be in developing a quality strategy and treating digital marketing with diligence. This piece from Entrepreneur Magazine is no different — it expresses that social media can’t be taken lightly. Having a vague presence isn’t enough anymore. Targeted, intentional campaigns and a long-term strategy are key to success. Read these five tips to learn more!

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