The Compete PRO Success Story Winners Are…


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A few weeks ago we launched a “Success Stories” contest, encouraging our clients to share their stories about how Compete PRO has helped them to achieve great things. The submissions we received were fantastic. There is no better feeling for all of us here than hearing about our users’ love for what we do and we appreciate everyone that took the time to submit their stories. Unfortunately we can only choose three winners. So after giving this a lot of thought, the winners are:

Heather Nigro, Chris Picou, and Mark Terao!

Congratulations to our three winners! You are now proud owners of brand new tablets. And since we enjoyed reading all three of the winners’ stories so much we decided to share them with you too:

Heather Nigro’s story:

“In developing our Strategy practice at Corra, Compete PRO is used as the foundation for our benchmarking analysis that we use in building an eCommerce roadmap for clients.  An IR 500 retailer of ours was having some challenges during the 2012 holiday season, and we wanted to ensure that we identified the bottlenecks so 2013 would be a success.

Using Compete PRO, we identified key peaks in traffic during earlier parts of the year vs. their competitor and were able to drill down into the results of what made that particular timeframe successful over others. In preparation for the holiday season, we took this data into account and planned an online campaign using the metrics that were uncovered.  The success we saw was even better than we imagined, with a conversion rate increase of 42% and overall site traffic up from 75k to 200k!  Preparation + opportunity = success!  With Compete PRO, we are able to open up the bottlenecks to create success for our clients in our Strategy practice. The metrics really speak for themselves and have helped set us apart from our competitors in how we present our eCommerce strategies and advisement.”

Chris Picou’s story:

“I work directly with over 90 different performance based advertisers in the highly competitive world of internet marketing. I am heavily involved in the real estate, financial, and Insurance verticals. I utilize SEM, Email, display, and contextual marketing across more than 500 active campaigns. Each of my advertisers require high performance marketing campaigns to grow. Compete PRO is the marketing intelligence engine that powers all of my campaign strategies. When building any campaign I use incoming traffic data, on my Compete PRO dashboard, to identify where my competition is investing their marketing dollars. When working on backend monetization strategies I use Compete PRO’s outgoing traffic data to identify how my competition is generating income on their site(s). These tools are simple, easy to use, and typically save me hours of work and thousands of dollars in media testing. Compete PRO allows me to start at the pace of my competition so I can focus on winning, and not catching up.”

Mark Terao’s story:

“Our company just recently signed up with Compete PRO, and it’s allowed us to start successfully bidding on new search terms that our competitors are using to drive traffic to their site.  In addition, we’ve leveraged the competitive traffic charts to highlight our growth versus competitors.  These charts have been used in our National Conference (representing GM’s from our 115 Distribution Centers in the U.S) to reinforce our online growth, and provide momentum to sign-up +8,000 Tire Installers on our website.”

Thanks again to all of our users that participated in the Compete PRO Success Stories contest. Keep an eye out for future Compete PRO promotions and your chance to win something awesome like our three winners did!

About Katie Hrdy:
Katie is currently Associate Product Marketing Manager at Millward Brown Digital. She is a graduate of the MBA program at Northeastern University and spends her days developing marketing materials, providing product launch support, and generating thought leadership. Connect with her on Google+, Twitter, or LinkedIn.