The Weekly Compete Pulse

Weekly Pulse

This week was our Digital CMO Summit week — and it’s fitting that our top-shared articles from the web focus on new trends in digital! Read up on them and tell us what you think in the comments below.

Why the Digital Revolution is Really Just Getting Started

It seems that our world is becoming all digital, virtually all the time. But what does that really mean? This article from Forbes digs a bit deeper into the various parts of our lives that digital touches — and how new tech is taking off. Looking at retail, manufacturing, medicine, energy, and software, the piece gives an interesting look at how our world is changing. Read more here!

Unlocking our Digital Sixth Sense with Mobile Technology

In line with the previous article, TIME Magazine brings us a piece on the Internet of Things and increasingly digitally integrated lives. Calling a potential adaptive skill the “digital sixth sense,” author Tim Bajarin brings up interesting points on whether a sixth-sense world is coming sooner than we think — and what tech companies may be doing to push the world in this direction. Learn more at!

Colleges Find New Ways to Recruit Today’s Social Media Savvy High School Students

This month is SIR/commitment season for admitted students, so the recruiting buzz is at its prime. But before the college application process even comes to this point, colleges need to promote their campuses in order to get seniors to apply! How are they learning to appeal to a student population that was born and raised with the internet? By using social media. Tailoring your strategy to your target audience is especially important — so read up on how a few universities have re-thought their advertising.

20 Devastating Content Marketing Mistakes

Content marketing isn’t easy. Making your entire online content presence cohesive and direct is even harder! This piece by Red Website Design explores 20 of the reasons why businesses suffer from unsuccessful content marketing campaigns — and shows you how you can revise your strategy for the better. With friendly and humorous cartoons that bring out their key points, Red Website Design makes it easy to pinpoint mistakes (and hopefully even easier to fix them). Read more at their website — I promise it’ll bring out a chuckle or two.

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