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Happy April! Spring is blooming and we’re excited for the beautiful weather. But we’re also excited about these interesting articles from the web — our followers found these exceptionally intriguing, and so we’re more than thrilled to share them with you.

Email Remains the Best Digital Channel for ROI

Email isn’t dead yet. In fact, if you’re looking to get a great run for your money, you should stick with it! This article from Econsultancy features interesting statistics and great charts to help you understand how to harness the power of email for maximum ROI. Read up on it here!

The 9 Best Email Subject Lines to Increase Open Rates 

Now, considering that email isn’t obsolete, there are definitely ways to make your mailing list open all your letters. What do they see when they first open their inboxes? The subject line! Wordstream brings us nine great types of subject lines that can help you improve your open rates (and following that, clickthroughs, etc). Detailed examples and quick suggestions partner with a logical explanation to showcase the best ways to catch consumer attention. Start increasing your open rates after learning more here.

Blog More, Facebook Less and 7 More Trends from Social Media Marketing World 2014

SMMW is an event hosted by one of the leading authorities on social media marketing: the Social Media Examiner. Content marketing aficionado Ryan Hanley attended and wrote up a nice list of takeaways for all of us to learn from! As the title reads, one of the biggest ideas suggests a less  social media promotions and more original content creation. Read more about why content marketing is so important, and find six other trends to take note of at his blog post!

Wearable Tech Craze Sees Samsung and HTC go for Similar April Fool’s Day Gags

April Fool’s Day is always fun, especially when a prank has been extremely well-played and often premeditated. Tech giants Samsung and HTC jumped on the wearables hubbub with incredible (false) product designs that serve a wide variety of functions. Some are believable (maybe we’ll get some of these features soon), while some are utterly ridiculous. Read more about their product pranks over at Digital Trends — but also look up Toshiba’s own wearables video prank!

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